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Critical Race Theory: The Culmination of Liberal “Good Intentions”


TODD: It is good to see parents standing up. GOP lawmakers are trying to knock this stuff out of the schools, which the media is presenting as “GOP seeks to limit discussions on race and racism.” Unh-uh. Critical race theory limits discussions on race and racism, because critical race theory says, “Only white people are racist, unless you’re ‘white adjacent’ Asian,” which is a whole ‘nother topic.

So I’m glad to see parents standing up. Fred Rege, a Loudoun County, Virginia, parent — who also happens to be black — explains why he’s opposed to CRT.

REGE: The idea that I’m an African-American young male and these things have been done to my ancestors and to me and it’s here to stay, it’s ingrained in the fiber of our country — and that ingrained part means that it can’t be done away with, which is an excuse for failure. It’s a very dangerous ideology. And for the white kids, it’s, you know, “What did I do wrong? Am I responsible for this?” You know, that guilt, it’s a very destructive theory.

TODD: It is. “Rege is one of a growing number of parents banding together to support Fight for Schools, a political action committee opposed to CRT. The group is spearheaded by Ian Prior, a former Trump administration DOJ official and father of two children in Loudoun County public schools.” None of this is helped when Joe Biden actually manages to speak a full sentence, but in doing so, the premise is the biggest threat to the United States.

BIDEN: As I said in my address (slurring) to the Joint Session of Congress, according to the intelligence community, terrorism from white supremacy is the most lethal threat to the homeland today. Not ISIS, not Al-Qaeda, white supremacists.

FOLLOWERS: (applause)

TODD: Yes. I do remember all those cities burned and cops killed at the hands of White Lives Matter, that domestic group. It was horrifying. And White Lives Matter chanting, “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? Now!” Horrifying. Oh! No! Sorry. Damn it! Like I said, I’m just a rodeo clown just trying to do my best to host a radio show. That was Black Lives Matter Inc., a group that doesn’t care the least about black lives.

Now, just to be fair, Biden may well think it’s true what he read or said. Because in Biden’s defense, he may think white supremacists of America — because he himself is apparently a white supremacist, or maybe just his dementia is, because Joe Biden believes black people are incapable of hiring accountants.

BIDEN: Instead of denying millions of entrepreneurs the ability to access capital and — and — and contracting, we made it possible to take their dreams to the marketplace to create jobs and invest in our communities. Tha… Dat… The data shows, young black entrepreneurs are just as capable of succeeding given the chance as white entrepreneurs are, but they don’t have lawyers. They don’t have… They — they — they don’t have accountants. But they have great ideas.

TODD: Well, how can they get lawyers and accountants when black people can’t figure out how to get an ID or use a computer? Both things that Biden has said! Remember that video? Did you ever see this video this black gentleman made? (laughing) Biden’s dementia was talking about how black people can’t get online to register to vote, and it’s very complicated. This guy made this incredible video where he came out, shirtless, and he found a PC.

He was batting it around, making fun of Biden. Such a brilliant video. I have to find that. So yesterday on this program, we reminded ourselves of a famous Rush axiom. When Democrats go after Republicans, “It’s not the quality of the evidence. It’s the seriousness of the charge.” Today, another Rushism applicable to this. For leftists, only their good intentions count.

RUSH: 1964 to the present has been almost all a march toward socialism. With people running the government, all of these good intentions, all of this compassion, all of this love and devotion for the minorities, the discriminated against, whoever it is that’s been getting the short end of the stick, all of these people turned to government to have these grievances addressed, and they’re madder than they’ve ever been. They’re unhappier than they’ve ever been

And there have been some legitimate things that have made progress. Civil rights has made progress in this country. You wouldn’t know it if you looked at people today. But it’s much better in that regard than it has been, but aside from all that, why isn’t there all this happiness? Why don’t all these good intentions matter?

The bottom line is, liberalism doesn’t work; socialism doesn’t work. It’s an on-display-in-front-of-our-face failure, and the only excuse, “Well, at least we’re trying. We love people. We’re compassionate. We’re trying to do something. Our intentions with the Great Society were to wipe out poverty. Our intentions with the War on Poverty to wipe out poverty.”

Well, you failed. “Well, yeah, but we’re not supposed to look at that because my intentions are what count.” But I think it’s very plain as day. It’s one of the sources of my frustration, because none of this is theoretical anymore. We don’t have to rely on theory to tell people this doesn’t work. We’ve been living it since 1964.

Actually prior to that. I just chose ’64 as the beginning time frame because that’s Johnson’s Great Society. But it actually began long before that. FDR. It doesn’t matter how far you go back. It doesn’t work. It never has. We have the living proof right on our TV sets every day. I’m gonna tell you something.

The Great Society has led to an ungrateful society, if you ask me, and it has led to an unmanageable society. All these good intentions, and all they did was literally steal people’s identity and dignity and self-worth. I don’t think that is even arguable, and that’s one of the reasons why there’s so much anger and dissatisfaction.

TODD: Everybody got it, the comparison? It “has led to an ungrateful society,” Rush said. If you ask me, it’s led to an unmanageable society. All these good intentions, all they did was steal people’s identity, dignity, and self-worth. End of Transcript,

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