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Celebrate Flag Day by Remembering When Rush Got a Very Special Delivery in the Mail


KEN: It is Flag Day. June 14th, 244 years ago Congress commemorated Betsy Ross’s creation of the Stars and Stripes as our national flag. And I was raised, like millions of Americans, you respect the flag. Even though I’m nonmilitary, I know how to fold the flag, display the flag, the history of the flag.

HUGE Rush See, I Told You So on Trump and St. John’s Church


BRETT: I’m your guide host today, Brett Winterble, taking a look at another story that turns out to be not what the media told you it was. I mean, my gosh. You can just do this for hours and hours on end. It’s incredible. The media got it wrong again, this time on the Trump…

Rush Explains the Drive-By Media to a Frustrated Caller


BRETT: Rush Limbaugh spoke the truth, and he understood the mainstream media so very well. Let me just give you one example of this. RUSH: Raymond in Potomac, Maryland. Nice to have you here, sir. Hello. CALLER: It’s an absolute honor to speak with you, Rush. RUSH: Thank you.CALLER: Rush, I really worry about this…

Never Let the World Forget What Happened on D-Day


TODD: Newt Gingrich has a very good idea — and it’s not going to happen, but it’s a very good idea. He wants radio stations to play FDR’s D-Day prayer on June 6. Instead, the mockingbird media will talk about what they pretend to be the insurrection attempt on January 6th — an unarmed attempt.…

Speak Freely Like Rush Did! Parents Push Back Against Critical Race Theory


TODD: Ophelie Jacobson of Campus Reform asked students at George Washington University about critical race theory. Here’s a montage of her recording… JACOBSON: “The most important thing about you is your race.” Do you agree or disagree with that? (montage of responses) TODD: They’re taking apart critical race theory’s elements and they’re showing them for…

Critical Race Theory: The Culmination of Liberal “Good Intentions”


TODD: It is good to see parents standing up. GOP lawmakers are trying to knock this stuff out of the schools, which the media is presenting as “GOP seeks to limit discussions on race and racism.” Unh-uh. Critical race theory limits discussions on race and racism, because critical race theory says, “Only white people are…

Rush’s Advice: Don’t Fear Artificial Intelligence, Fear Liberal Robots


TODD: I spent a good, long time in the tech world, and I was rewarded financially and intellectually in that regard. I worked not directly for, but several levels under Bill Gates (before he got weird), and I do believe that technology is a tool. The problem is (laughing) that modern tech titans think of…

Rush Explains the Meaning of Memorial Day


KEN: As Rush pointed out so often, we would go over and fight for freedom, and then we would leave. Would say, okay, what can we do to help you set up the situation so it’s better for your people? We didn’t say, okay, we won, now we’re taking over. That’s not our thing. That’s…

Limbaugh Lesson: Follow the Money and the Media


KEN: Something just happened — and this from our friend James O’Keefe over at Project Veritas — senior ABC News reporter revealed that top bosses spiked news important to voters — now, listen to this — and we’re gonna share some more details of this coming up. But this is what’s fascinating. The bosses did…

Rush Consistently Called Out Democrat Climate Hypocrisy


KEN: A moment ago we were talking about the constant flip-flopping of just about every issue that initially we’re told is just so important, no matter what it is. Especially from the Biden regime. But this has gone on for years. Part of the reason it’s so hard to push back against the climate change…

Rush Nails It: Biden-Harris Are All Identity Politics, No Accomplishments


BRETT: Well, somebody who’s had some challenges when it comes to policy accomplishments is Kamala Harris. What are we, 59 days since she was designated the point person on the border? She’s still not made it down to the border. She still hasn’t gone down and experienced all that is the border, and now there…

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