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HUGE Rush See, I Told You So on Trump and St. John’s Church


BRETT: I’m your guide host today, Brett Winterble, taking a look at another story that turns out to be not what the media told you it was. I mean, my gosh. You can just do this for hours and hours on end. It’s incredible. The media got it wrong again, this time on the Trump Bible “photo-op” at Lafayette Park in front of St. John’s Church. Remember when they were claiming that, “Well, this was all just a photo-op that the president was doing”?

“He wanted to clear the park of protesters, invoke an injustice so that he could get over there and just get a quick photo-op in.” That’s not what happened at all. Is the media ever right about these sorts of things? Turns out that last summer, “The U.S. Park Police,” and this is as a result of an investigation by an inspector general, “did not clear racial injustice protesters from Lafayette Park to allow for then-President Donald Trump’s march to St. John’s Church last June…”

So the protesters are out there; they’re carrying on. All of a sudden, the park gets cleared, the protesters are being pushed out. They’re heading on down the road, they’re angry, they feel left out, they feel like their First Amendment rights have been violated, and the narrative becomes, “That was so Donald Trump could take a Bible for a photo-op!

“That’s what he was doing!” No, in fact, the U.S. Park Police cleared the park “to allow a contractor to install a fence safely around the White House, according to a new inspector general report.” Now, this is the definition of the Drive-By Media. Here’s Rush explaining the Drive-By Media.

RUSH: People still say, “Rush, what’s ‘Drive-By Media.'” It’s very simple. What happens in a drive-by? You’re at a stoplight or something; a bunch of hoodlums drive up and start shooting you — shooting you, shooting the people in the car. What do they do? They create a mess and drive on down the road waiting to do it again. That’s the media arriving at any story. They show up at any story, make a total mess of it — maybe even get some people killed or get some people wounded — and then head on back down the road, drive right on by, and do it all over again.

BRETT: Now, the thing that is just so incredibly ironic about this story is why are the U.S. Park Police having to put up a fence around the White House? It’s because there were attempts to breach that perimeter last summer — and, at a point, the media was all gaga, saying (breathless), “Did you see what happened? Did you see what happened? They had to take Trump and take him down to the secure part of the White House because there was a possibility that there was going to be a breach!”

The park would never have been cleared had those fences not been attempted to be breached by those “racial injustice protesters “in Lafayette Park. So the whole reason why it got cleared was because of your behaviors outside the White House, and it was a security concern. You know what I think is interesting? You can do an A-B comparison and say, “Wow. Okay. The U.S. Park Police acted in a proactive fashion to protect the White House.”

What do what did they do over there at the Capitol?

Well, they just don’t know.

They just know the system failed. End of Transcript,

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