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Limbaugh Axiom: Israel’s Enemies Don’t Want Peace, They Want the End of Jews


BRETT: You know, we really are living in the 1970s. If you think about it, we’ve got inflation, we’ve got spiking gas prices, we’ve got gas shortages. And now we’ve got a continuation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict continuing to dominate the news headlines. Day number 11 of this battle between Hamas and Israel, and I love the headline in the New York Times earlier today:

“Publicly Supportive, Biden Is Said to Sharpen His Tone with Netanyahu in Private.” Welcome. I’m Brett Winterble, and it is great to be here with you on the Rush Limbaugh Show. Our phone number, 800-282-2882. And, as always, check out for all the best information that you’re gonna find anywhere.

“Publicly Supportive, Biden Is Said to Sharpen His Tone with Netanyahu in Private.” Who is telling the New York Times that Biden is “sharpen his tone with Netanyahu in private”? It’s not Netanyahu. It’s not Netanyahu and it’s not Israel. That is a leak carefully placed from inside the Biden administration to tell the world, “Listen, listen, Biden is getting tough on Netanyahu!”

Biden has no hand to play here, almost none, because this is not like a war in the 1970s. This is not like a war in the 1980s, where you have limited news access; you have politicians, terrorist leaders, concerned members at the United Nations coming out and talking to people on conventional news channels.

There are so many channels of information running right now that it’s almost irrelevant to see what it is the New York Times wants to publish — or MSNBC, ABC, CBS, you know the whole lot of them. It’s about what’s going on on the ground right now. And on the ground right now in Gaza and on the ground right now in Israel is essentially a shooting war, a huge conflict that has been years in the making.

Remember, Hamas went idle for about seven years, and decided they were gonna start shooting rockets into Israel because of conflict at al-Aqsa there. And what you have happening now is a terrorist organization fully stocked, fully supplied with a ton of weapons that’s going to do what it is that they’re going to do: Commit terrorism.

In fact, one member of the Likud there in Israel is saying there’s “‘no way to avoid’ temporary Gaza takeover to disarm Hamas — Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz, of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party, said Wednesday that in his view, Israel will at some point need to conquer the Gaza Strip in order to disarm the Hamas terror group.”

That’s paying for real estate twice over, because they used to control the Gaza Strip until they gave it back to the Palestinian authorities and it became Hamasistan in 2005. So we have a huge mess underway here, and much of this mess is being driven, again, by Iran. The Iranians are behind this.

There was reporting in the last hour and a half that there was a drone that was flying that was controlled by the Iranians that is somehow connected to this conflict, that is somehow making its presence known either in or nearby at the battlefield. How is this happening?

As a former ambassador to the United Nations shared with Fox News Channel earlier today, let us not forget that while President Biden and his emissaries are negotiating with the Iranians there in Vienna to get them back in the nuclear deal — which means they’re going to get paid.

They’ll be flush with cash, they’ll get sanctions relief, the whole nine yards. Let us not forget that Iran is the only member of the United Nations that publicly vows to destroy another member of the United Nations. No other country sits in the U.N. and says, “We’re gonna wipe them off the face of the earth.”

The Iranians do that, and it’s an incredible thing to watch because the tensions are starting to flood into the United States. In tolerant Los Angeles, California, “Mideast tensions lead to fight” in the streets. “The LAPD has launched a hate crime investigation.”

They’re investigating “a possible Jewish hate crime attack at the Beverly Grove restaurant, a violent attack on Jewish liners at a restaurant in LA Tuesday night, and another incident of a Jewish man nearly being run down by a car filled with pro-Palestinian protesters.

“The Jewish community is now on edge as these tensions are mounting over the ongoing conflict in the Middle East.” We shared audio with you from a protest in London yesterday. Here is Rabbi Wolf on the recent attacks in Los Angeles.

WOLF: I say people are very uncomfortable. We haven’t seen this so far in the United States.

BRETT: But remember, the world sees everything now. We see what goes on in Gaza and Israel. We see what goes on in the streets of Europe. We see what is going on in different cities around this country. And let’s understand, the bar has been substantially lowered when it comes to expressing political disagreement. We have watched the normalization of street violence take place over the course of the past year.

It’s okay to beat people up. It’s okay to destroy property. It’s okay to fight the cops. That’s the new narrative coming from the forces of tolerance, and don’t dare try to interview the mayor if you happen to not be a person of color. (Oh, that’s Lori Lightfoot. We’ll talk about that later.) The rally organizer, Amani Barakat, who is trying to run this rally of Palestinian supporters, condemned the violence.

He said it’s the act of, quote, “thugs,” and that those “peacefully exercising their right to freedom of speech were legitimately expressing their opinions.” In another incident, the glass door of a kosher restaurant in Sherman Oaks was shattered. Rabbi Eilfort said this goes beyond the conflict in Israel.

EILFORT: I think the fact that people are targeting Jews in the streets of LA shows that it’s not an Israel problem. This is anti-Semitism.

BRETT: And there is one state that is committed — aggressively and loudly and proudly — to that strain of anti-Semitism, and it’s the Islamic Republic of Iran, and we have people inside the United States Congress who have normalized that position. They’re called The Squad.

You heard Alan Dershowitz called them out on Monday. You’ve heard a number of people talk about the disgraceful commentary coming from Rashida Tlaib and AOC and members of The Squad including Ilhan Omar. Rush talked about this against the backdrop of the Final Solution.

RUSH: It’s not even a one-state solution that the Palestinians want. It’s not a one-state solution the Iranians want. What we’re talking about here is a final solution, and the final solution is, there is no Israel and there are no Jews living where Israel is now. And that’s the objective, and this is never gonna gets solved on the Palestinian side, the Iranian side, and the Arab side, ’til that happens. Pure and simple. If that ever happens, you’ve got a solution.

And how they gonna do that, folks? How’s that solution? If that were to happen, how is there no Israel, and how are there no Jews living on the land that is now Israel, how does that happen? You think somebody’s gonna negotiate that? You think somebody’s gonna come along in the Middle East peace process and agree to that? You think the United Nations is gonna pass a Security Council resolution that everybody’s gonna vote for that wipes Israel, as it exists, off the map and put the Jews that live there somewhere else? Preferably in the Mediterranean, is what the Palestinians want.

Now, the Israelis would be fine and dandy with a negotiated Palestinian state, except they know that that’s not what the Palestinians really want. And therefore, how do you negotiate seriously when you know what they claim to want isn’t true, when their stated objectives are not what their real objectives are, when you know what their objectives are. Their objectives are your elimination. Israel can never, ever be allowed to participate in a solution, ’cause Israel’s the bad guys. They can’t ever do anything good. They can’t ever do anything noteworthy. They can’t ever do anything laudatory. That would blow everything sky-high.

The Israelis must always remain the bad guys, and, as such, there will never, ever be a solution until they get their nuke, and then look out. And that is what Netanyahu knows, and anybody with common sense knows. And it doesn’t take much common sense. All it takes is the courage to believe what the Iranians have told everybody, from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to the Ayatollah Khomeini to the Ayatollah Khamenei, to whatever ayatollah, whatever mullah, whoever you want to talk to.

That’s their stated objective. ISIS, you name it, that’s their objective. And that, the elimination of Israel and the expulsion of the Jews from that real estate, that is the objective, and that is the only solution they’re interested in, and that is the final solution. It’s not a one-state, it’s not a two-state, it’s the final. And nothing short of that will ever be acceptable.

BRETT: Now, what you just heard from Rush, tack on to that what it was we heard about John Kerry in the last few weeks, that that regime — that murderous regime — in Iran, looking to wipe Israel off the map, happy to murder American citizens, happy to murder American military personnel when we were in Iraq fighting.

Donald Trump gives the “go” order to take out Soleimani and The Squad and the Democrats in the Congress and John Kerry and the rest of them, including Joe Biden said, “No, no, no, no, no! That was not a good move. That wasn’t a good move to kill the number one terrorist working for the mullahs and ayatollahs in Iran.”

John Kerry, a former secretary of state who was best friends with that foreign minister over in Iran, is giving him secret information, classified information on Israeli operations that they are running, knowing full well that that is a genocidal regime.

How does that man, John Kerry…? How is he welcomed in polite company knowing that, that he’s giving information about Israeli operations to the very people who are firing rockets into civilian neighborhoods in Israel? It baffles me. Rush had it exactly right. End of Transcript,

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