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God Does Not Call Us To Be Politically Correct

Sarah Watching God Doesn't Call Us To Be Politically Correct

Author Richard Bauckham in “Jesus: A Very Short Introduction” writes:

It is a modern mistake to imagine that the love of God as Jesus portrays it excludes God’s righteous anger. This God of generosity and forgiveness condemns severely those who spurn his generosity, reject his forgiveness, and continue on the destructive path of evil. Jesus’ preaching of the kingdom is full of the urgency of the need for decision lest judgement follow.

Seems like a no-brainer, right?

But is it?

Or is it a modern mistake? And have Christians projected political correctness and tolerance of all things upon God?

In the rush of cultural waters, Christians have to test the spirits. Emotionalization of God’s love has no place in the saving of souls.

Every day I realize more and more, the urgency of Jesus’ words prior to His death: “Stay awake! Can you not stay awake for a little while longer?”

Of course political correctness and tolerance of all things have wormed their way into the minds of church goers everywhere. “Love the sinner and hate the sin” has turned into “Love the sinner and accept the sin and the will to keep on sinning regardless of the teachings of Scripture.”

If your reaction is “ewww, but what if someone thinks I am intolerant, or what if this is a microaggression, etc.” remember

1) you have no control over another’s thoughts or weak sensitivities
2) test the spirits

Do you fear accusations of intolerance from the PC police? Or are you concerned with the saving of souls? Only one of those is Jesus’ call on the life of a Christian.

Sarah Watching God Does Not Call Us To Be Politically Correct

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