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America's Inner Cities Need Rescue; But Who Will They Listen To?

Maybe Debbie Did Dallas But The Democrats Screwed Every Other Major U.S. City

Sarah Watching Debbie Did Dallas And The Democrats Screwed Every Other Major US City

Suburban legend tells us that Debbie did Dallas. More specifically she screwed [over] everyone who could help, or hinder, the achievement of her dreams. And after she got what she wanted, she went home.

No such luck for Detroit, Chicago, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Washington, D.C., Dallas, San Francisco, etc. These American cities have been royally screwed by the Democrat Party. Unlike Debbie, the leftist beadledom never went home. They moved in to stay.

Once icons of American greatness, these U.S. cities, from all appearances—unemployment rates, poverty levels, and residents’ well-being—are done. “Stick a fork in them!” Portraits of desolation and devastation have been painted with the careless and self-indulgent strokes of left wing deception and thievery.

But through the austere fragments of city life, bleak as they may seem, hope lives in the guise of human resolve. The scene intimates bleakness, yet deep within the inner core, these cities breathe. There is life. Precious life!

Lifting Out Of A Pit Is A Good Deed

When asked if it was lawful to heal on the Sabbath, Jesus replied:

[Jesus] said to them, “Which one of you who has a sheep, if it falls into a pit on the Sabbath, will not take hold of it and lift it out? Of how much more value is a person than a sheep! So it is lawful to do good on the Sabbath.” Matthew 12:11-12

Jesus answers the question according to the spirit of the law, “it is lawful to do good….” He suggests that we should do good by helping people (or sheep as the case may be) out of any grim situation; even if it is not the norm for law and/or cultural traditions. For instance, driving over the speed limit is “good” if you are rushing someone to the emergency room in order to save their life. We are supposed to help a person in dire need of rescue and by this do good in the eyes of Christ.

Precious life resides in the poverty-stricken urban areas of America’s large cities. More than falling in a pit, they have been shoved into a metaphorical shaft by greedy, power-hunger, Democrat politicians. Irregardless of how they got there, they are in dire need of liberation. Shouldn’t Republicans work, and campaign, to “take hold of them and lift them out”?

Of How Much More Value Is A Person!

Of how much more value is a person than how Democrats treat them? Of how much more value is a person than how Democrats may recoil and retaliate if Republicans begin proclaiming a message of hope in the inner cities? How much more valuable is a person than the temporary angst caused by Democrat name-calling?  Name-calling that will be done regardless of what the Republicans do or don’t do, say or don’t say.

The Democrat “Go-To” Play

It is a given. As soon as any GOP member meanders into the inner cities offering a helping hand, a kind word, a plan to make large cities great again, Democrats and their sounding horn, the mainstream media, will begin the relentless name-calling—“Racist!” No doubt there are a few “racists” in both parties, whether it is black racism or white racism. Nonetheless, the unrelenting and baseless name-calling emanates from one party—the Democrats.  But of how much more value is a person than a tired ole label from a hateful Democrat?

As soon as any GOP member meanders into the inner cities offering a helping hand, a kind word, a plan to make large cities great again, Democrats and their sounding horn, the mainstream media, will begin the relentless and baseless name-calling—“Racist!” <yawn>

Liberal name-calling, Antifa protests, Soros pouring money into every far-left radical project his old mind can conjure—it all means one thing: Democrat/Socialist policies are not popular with the large majority of American voters and the leftists know it. The donkey party intimidates, threatens, and name-calls because they have nothing else. Nothing. Nada. Not one thing.

Of how much more valuet is a person? These large cities must be liberated from the corrupt, totalitarian, and abusive domination of Democrat rulers. Light needs to shine in the darkness. Fresh air needs to blow in. The people need to begin to live again. In a word, these people need, and most of all deserve, emancipation from their Democrat owners.

Who’s This Debbie Person Again?

No doubt most people have heard of the lewd film Debbie Does Dallas. With a “star” named Bambi, sequels, parodies, and multiple comedic references (when comedians used to be funny), it is little wonder the movie is the only one of its genre to gain “pop culture icon” status. And it all happened before “X-type” films became the filth produced by Hollywood mainstream today, i.e. Debbie Does Dallas looks like Disney compared to 50 Shades of Grey.

The Debbie plot centers around Bambi’s character whose lifelong dream is to be a Texas Cowgirls cheerleader. We all need goals, right? Hence, her obsession with corrupting, perverting, impoverishing, and exploiting everyone who might somehow hold a key to reaching that goal. Hmmm… and how many have pondered the unethical inspiration for the Clintons’ political schemes?

Democrat Destruction Of America’s Large Cities

Realization. Debbie Does Dallas presents a metaphorically accurate representation of what Democrat rule has done to America’s large cities. The big difference? After Debbie’s dreams became a reality, she left the people she screwed and returned home. But the Democrats? They moved in to stay. And they have continued to screw the people ever since.

And the Democrat dreamyou hear it all the time: big government, open borders, globalism, socialized everything, socialist system of economics (a few rich people, a bunch of poor people), and the goal of socialism is communism. In other words, tear up the Constitution, including the 1st and 14th amendments.

David Horowitz’ best-selling book Take No Prisoners: The Battle Plan For Defeating The Left (hereafter referred to as TNP) says this about the Democrat theft and assault on America’s large cities:

The creation of the inner-city underclass is one of the greatest crimes committed against a minority in the history of this country. Yet progressives treat the system that created the underclass as a source of pride, even as they seek to reap political gain from its disastrous results. As Thomas Sowell has observed, people who rely on government payouts “are all potential voters for those who rescued them—even if their rescuers are the reason for hard times, in the first place. Dependency pays off for politicians, even when it damages an economy or ruins a society”—or destroys the lives of the very people it was supposed to help.

Large populations of the African American and Hispanic poor are concentrated in America’s inner cities—among them Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Harlem, and South-Central Los Angeles. In America’s inner cities, unemployment rates are off the charts. The school systems are so corrupt and ineffective that almost half the children drop out before they graduate, and half those who do graduate are functionally illiterate. They will never get a decent job or a shot at the American dream. [contrast the amount of money Democrats spend on Obama’s pet illegal aliens called Dreamers.]

How is it possible that Democrats and progressives can pose as defenders of minorities and the poor? For generations, Democrats have controlled the cities of Detroit, Chicago, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Washington, D.C., and dozens of other urban blight zones. (quote on this too) The number of African American lives damaged or destroyed in these cities by Democrats would exceed the wildest dreams of any Klansman.

The Brutal Rape Of Citizens In Large Cities By Democrats

Take a hard look at the aspects of each large U.S. inner city—citizens, poverty level, unemployment, welfare, city services, crime, education system, family—and you will become literally sickened at how the Democrats and their leftist policies have brutally raped and assaulted the city’s citizens over and over again. And over. And over.

It’s not just one or two large cities. But every large city in the U.S. where Democrat megalomania has screwed up, over, and around. Everything and every place Democrats put their nasty and greedy hands turns into human misery and dependence on a master.

The number of African American lives damaged or destroyed in these cities by Democrats would exceed the wildest dreams of any Klansman. -TNP

But how is it these elected officials who physically, mentally, and emotionally abuse their constituents get re-elected time and time again?

Sarah Watching Democrats Are Selfish Exploiters Of Inner City Poor.
Truth. btw, these are the shoes of only one of the many homeless people living in the Democrat-controlled city of Chicago.

The Givers And The Takers

In politics, there are two groups of people—the givers and the takers. Givers/Republicans are good. Takers/Democrats are evil, extremely evil. Evil political takers pretend to be givers. Their constituents are tricked through sleight of hand.

Example Of How Takers Get Rich Off Medicaid

Take Medicaid for example. Medicaid is administered on a state level. The federal government allocates Medicaid funds to each state according to the number of poor people in that state. How are poor people counted? By welfare and food stamp roles, of course.

By using simple mathematics, it is easy to see that the more welfare and food stamp recipients a state has, the more Medicaid funds they are allocated, right? Right.

States, independent of the federal government, can raise taxes at every level—state, county, city, and for goods such as homes, gas, cigarettes, alcohol. Eventually a time comes when the citizens of that state are literally taxed to poverty (think about California’s high state tax, real estate and gas taxes).

Pretend State XYZ raises taxes on a) gas; this pushes the leftist fake climate change policy, and City 123 in State XYZ raises b) city sales taxes and city occupation taxes: to pay for the leftist policy of being a sanctuary city.

City 123 residents and workers have just had 3 different taxes raised. People who shop or work in City 123 also have had 3 different taxes raised (which means most will quit shopping in City 123, so less tax revenue, or break even, for the city!). The rest of the state—individuals and businesses—have had a huge tax increase on their entire income amount.

And The Dominoes Begin To Fall:

  1. large companies and business begin closing because they no longer produce a profit, i.e. it is costing them money to stay in business—which is their way to make money (!).
  2. the large companies and business begin downsizing, letting people go, closing the doors. This means that people who previously had good jobs, no longer have jobs.
  3. someone who loses their job at Company A may find a job at Business B; But Business B, also affected by high state taxes and regulations can’t pay that person as much; therefore, the person who previously made $75K per year at a corporation is now making $32K per year at a smaller business
  4. The person—whose income has been cut by more than 50%—can barely make it. They may have to sell their home, move to a lower-income neighborhood, sell the car or other possessions.
  5. Finally, they can no longer make ends meet. They go on welfare and food stamps
  6. CHI-CHING! for the Democrats! Their objective in charging higher taxes has been met! Now they can report MORE welfare and food stamp recipients to the federal government and receive more Medicaid.

Now, don’t think for a minute that all that Medicaid money will go to the sick people who need it. Democrats LOVE big government. They will have to pay big prices to Medicaid administrators, facilities, auditors, and other friends and relatives, I mean people, who have to go to the “trouble” of allocating it “fairly”.

Medicaid is only one example. There are literally tons of examples like this.

See? This is why Democrats want a permanent underclass. They make money off of the poor! And it’s all sleight of hand, because from a government assisted person’s viewpoint, “the government is helping me through a tough time.” But damn people!—the rotten Democrats caused the tough time. Get woke!

And it’s not the Democrats’ money either! They didn’t earn it. It comes from other people in the city and state who were fortunate enough to keep a job. And it comes from all of your fellow American patriots. Collected by the IRS from hard-working people and doled out to the grubby hands of Democrats.

And think about this—before you as a City 123 and State XYZ resident signed up for welfare—you were helping to pay for leftist policies like fake climate change and sanctuary cities in other states and their cities! Think about it!

Sarah Watching Democrat Campaign Corruption Buy Votes
For Democrats, votes are as good as money in their pockets. Look at how much they spent in the 2016 Presidential Election and the 2018 Mid-term elections! Breaking spending records in both! But why? Because Democrats use their elected offices to get richer. To give cushy contracts, deals, receive kickbacks, etc. etc. All the while, the constituents are taxed more, have less, and become more dependent on these crooks for government subsidies. Democrats literally steal from the poor and keep it for themselves. It HAS to stop.

Thoughts On Why People Continue To Vote For Democrat Thieves

Why do people vote like they do? Why do they continually vote for Democrats who ruin their cities, counties, and states? (look at what obama did to our country! he brought great ruin to it, largely by the unconstitutional “tax” called obamacare!)

Thomas Sowell says residents’ dependence on government is to blame.

Charles Colson says people look to government for help, but when government fails people become alienated from the government process.

It’s the same answer to “Why doesn’t a female punching bag leave her abusive boyfriend or husband?” Because she thinks there is no place else to go. She is dependent on him.

Don’t the people living in America’s large urban areas feel the same way? Hopeless? Stuck? There is no place else to go so they stay with the abuser because she is dependent on him?

Both Sowell and Colson agree that an over dependence on government is the issue. In Sowell’s case, it is a dependence on entitlements being received even though the people would have no need for them if the voters would boot the Democrats out of office. In Colson’s case, it is a putting of trust in government to fix a problem. Both issues are rooted in humanity’s fear mechanism. Colson also goes a step further to say that people quit voting when government continually fails to meet their needs and/or expectations—which has an guaranteed 100% future success rate.

These voters are living in defeat. They must be told there is victory waiting. Their vote is their voice and freedom.

Over-Dependence On Government? So What?

Why Would That Move A Person’s Will To Vote For The Republican Party?

It is not only an over-dependence on government, but that the Democrats exploit the people’s fear leading to total destruction of a city and its residents—voting to re-elect the abusers. Democrats only look out for themselves.

Case in point: California’s 43rd district represented by the illustrious, angry, and low-IQ Maxine Waters. CA-43 is a poor, poverty stricken area. Do you think Maxine lives in CA-43 with constituents that she “cares so much about”? If you said “yes” think again. Maxine lives in a $4 million dollar mansion in a neighboring, shall we say “more upscale” district. Maxine helped pass legislation so that the bank where her husband worked would, bottom line, receive millions. Now—name one thing Maxine Waters has ever done for the people living in CA-43? It’s hard to know the needs of people when you don’t even live in the district! Granted, Mad Max is a federal government official, but she is a microcosm of all Democrat government officials at all levels.

Oh my word, we haven’t even talked about Democrat-ruled sanctuary city San Francisco. The only city in the U.S. that has a “poop map”. One of the grandest structures of American ingenuity—The Golden Gate Bridge—constructed when Republicans still ran the city. In addition to The Golden Gate brochure, tourists also get a poop map. Thank You Democrats for helping us not to step in the crap that you have caused!

The wills of inner city residents must be moved to vote Republican! Democrats have destroyed America’s grand cities. These cities are not only economic disasters, but they are national security disasters as well.

If You Are Still Skeptical About Democrats Destroying Large U.S. Cities Read Or Scour These Headlines and Statistics

Large City Governments’ Taskmasters

It is a fact that the government of virtually every major city in America is 100 percent controlled by Democrats and has been for decades—for over a hundred years in some cities, such as Milwaukee and El Paso. Everything wrong with America’s inner cities that can be attributed to policy is the Democrat’s responsibility. They have their boot on the necks of poor black and Hispanic families. But Republicans are mute. (TNP)

Large City Education Systems

Almost half of black and Hispanic students in public schools fail to earn a diploma. In urban areas with large minority populations, dropout rates are unusually high (TNP):

  • DC 57%
  • Trenton 59%
  • Camden 61.4
  • Baltimore 65.4
  • Cleveland 65.9
  • Detroit 75.1

Book: Battling Corruption In America’s Public Schools by Lydia G. Segal

“It is in cities such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit, and Philadelphia where the largest numbers of children cannot read, write, and compute at acceptable levels and where racial gaps between whites and blacks and Latinos are widest. It is in large cities that minority boys in particular, trapped in poor schools, have the greatest chance of flunking out and getting sucked into the downward spiral of crime and prison.” (Quoted in TNP).

Of how much more value are people?

Large City Schools – Shifting The Blame

To defend an educational system that has extinguished the hopes of millions of poor black and Hispanic children, progressives insist that the problem of public education is not enough money. The claim is brazenly false. American taxpayers spend $600 billion per year on public elementary and secondary schools and the national average per-pupil expenditure is at an all time high ot $10,905—a nearly fourfold increase since 1961.

Detroit spends about $15,945 per public school pupil. Yet according to U.S. Education Department’s National Assessment of Education Progress:

  • Detroit
    • 4th and 8th graders in 2010 were reading at a level was 73 percent below the national average.
    • Their math scores in 2011 were the lowest ever recorded in the 40 year history of the test.
  • Trenton, NJ
    • population is more that 80 percent black and Hispanic
    • the government spends $20,663 per pupil,
    • while the citywide high school grad rate is a mere 41 percent.

A good education—let alone what passes for an education in these failed schools—should not be so expensive. If there are 30 students to a classroom, per pupil spending of $16,000-20,000 per child—as in Detroit, Trenton, and Camden—comes to more than half a million dollars per class [!].

[Rage Warning] Public schools place students so far down on their list of priorities and so much of the education dollar is spent on bloated bureaucracies and 6-figure income administrators that even this modest task is beyond them, no matter how much money they are able to tax out of working Americans. (From Horowitz Take No Prisoners; Quote on annual spending per student from Daily Caller May 10, 2011 article by Caroline May found here)

Really Bad Democrat Policies At The Federal Level Too

Democrat rulers destroy cities and their people, that is a fact. But devastation also comes from Washington D.C., from left-wing, radical politicians.

Headline: Obama Administration’s Economic Hardship Most Harsh On Blacks

The administration of Barack Obama is directly responsible for more poverty than any administration since Jimmy Carter’s. In the fifth year of Obama’s rule, 47 million Americans were on food stamps and a 100 million were receiving government handouts, while 93 million Americans of working age had given up on finding a job and left the work force. “The data is going to indicate,” PBS’s Tavis Smiley admitted in a candid movement, “sadly, that when the Obama administration is over, black people will have lost ground in every single leading economic indicator category” (TNP; Tavis Smiley quote from Mediate, October 12, 2013, Mediate article can be found here).

Obama manipulated the public, and especially African-Americans. He used his ½ blackness to increase voting chances support by cajoling poor blacks as if they had something in common. Obama grew up with rich white grandparents during the early years, lived in Indonesia most of his life, and hung out with rich people who groomed him to socialize America.

Headline: Democrats Forced Banks To Write Mortgages For People Who Couldn’t Afford the Payments

And do you know who got rich? Wall Street.

Remember how Democrats are always saying that Republicans are incahoots with Wall Street? #FakeNews.  Again from TNP:

As a result of the collapse of the housing market, African Americans—middle-class African Americans—lost one-half of their net worth 100 billion dollars (cited from Pew Research). More than 100 billion in personal assets.

This disaster was the direct result of a 25-year Democrat operation—led by Obama and Bill Clinton—to force banks to write mortgages for people who couldn’t afford to pay them.

The operation to remove standard loan requirements for African-Americans and other minority borrowers began with Jimmy Carter’s Community Reinvestment Act. The removal of these loan requirements seduced tens of thousands of poor black and Hispanic Americans into buying homes they couldn’t afford, which they then lost.

WARNING: Read This Paragraph Only If You Want To Get Raging Mad

By securitizing these unsound mortgages, Democrat bundlers on Wall Street made tens of millions off the misery of the vulnerable and helped to trigger the financial meltdown of 2008. With the help of Democrats, Wall Street millionaires made massive profits off the backs of poor black and Hispanic Americans.

Of how much more value is a person?!?

Who Will Inner-City Residents Listen To?

Fifty years of Democrat rule and progressive social experimentation have dragged large U.S. cities from being America’s great urban centers into dying war zones where citizens tread in fear of crime, governments that can’t afford to collect trash or criminals, and where children are forced into a future of economic enslavement and government dependency (TNP).

“The most frightening aspect of all of this is that the policies, programs, and attitudes that have destroyed these large cities have now been adopted in Washington and the fate of America’s large cities may soon be the fate of the entire United States” (quote found here).  In other words, exactly what the Democrat Party wants—a socialist state. And the goal of socialism is communism.

The plight of inner cities and the hardship that has been thrust upon the citizens of those cities must be brought out into the open. The people living in inner cities need to be told the truth. They need emancipation. They deserve freedom.

But who will they listen to?

Sarah Watching Matthew 12 11-12
But will they let me help, Jesus?

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