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Once A Ku, Always A Coup

What The Covington Media Coverage Unveiled: The Anti-Catholic Bigotry Rooted Deep Within The Democrat Party’s Klan DNA

arah Watching What The Covington Media Coverage Unveiled Democrat Anti-Catholic Klan DNA

Please note the author uses “Democrat Party” intentionally because it is anything but a “Democratic” party. Also, the image is from a Easter Procession in Segovia.  For more info, visit the image here and note (!) what the artist writes about these penitential robes.

Dehooding The Democrats

From the flagrant bigotry of the Democrat Party’s KKK days through the present moment, leftist hatred of Catholics has endured the test of time and identity politics.

Sure, the Democrats and their sounding horn, the so-called mainstream media, hate Donald Trump and #MAGA hats. But even a remotely reasonable person (which excludes all liberals) must admit that the jumping-to-conclusions and unfair coverage of Covington High School students and a lone Indian activist, wreaked of the left’s rabid Alinskyism. (Do they have any idea how foolish they look?)

In addition to unveiling the Democrat Party’s abiding KKK intolerance of Catholics, Covington coverage also pointed out the ignorance of Democrat pundits and those who write their talking points (they really should study history). But who is more witless? The mynah bird or the talking point writers they mimic? Rhetorical.

In what rivals a Joy Behar conversation for stupidity, CNN commentator Angela Rye made the following comments regarding Catholic high school student Nick Sandmann and Native American activist Nathan Phillips. (Democrat SEO keyword du jour: “standoff”.)

“Forget Donald Trump for a moment and just think about the symbol of that red hat. When I see the Make America Great Again hat now, Chris, I am triggered. I’m so triggered.”

As if she thought someone cared about her adolescent reaction, the blather continued:

“…this Make America Great Again hat is just as maddening and frustrating and triggering for me to look at as a KKK hood. Like, that is the type of hatred that his policies represent. And until we can have common ground and understanding about that … that it’s that triggering, we’re going to continue to have problems.”

Like, the irony! Like, President Trump’s policies have brought about the lowest unemployment ever for African-Americans, Hispanic Americans, and like, Asian Americans and women, like, is that the type of hatred that his policies represent? Or is that like, Nelly Rye’s grossly obvious bias?

Quite frankly, I’m triggered by Rye’s lack of education and/or choice to look doltish while purposely ignoring facts. The DemoKKKrat Party, and its “Press Play->Pause->Repeat” mouthpieces, should know that the KKK was as anti-Catholic as it was anti-black. Maybe more so.

Like, duh.

Nye’s claim that images of the hood worn by the KKK are conjured up by a red Make America Great Again hat—one specifically worn by a 16-year old white Catholic student participating in a Pro-Life march—are nonsensical. After all, this is the exact same KKK, who belonged to the exact same Democrat Party, that loathed Catholics as much as they did blacks.

Catholics have as much reason, if not more, to see a so-called “hood.” Of course, Nye’s juvenile view of the world doesn’t ever see anybody but blacks as “victims.” But even according to her logic (which is really no logic at all, but absurdity), the Catholic students would be “trig—gruurrrred” as much as her imbecilic self and also “see a hood.”

But look at the difference between the non-checked hatred of Rye and the Covington teenagers. Who has a more mature view of things? Clue—starts with a “t”. Who can move forward in life and not live in the past? Who is proud to be an American? Who takes the stance of a well-adjusted citizen and supports our President? Maybe, Ms. Rye, THAT is your problem and not the red hats.

But I digress on a person who doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things except to serve as a symbol of Democrat Party hatred. Like, I’m trig—gruurrrrrrred over racist, bigoted morons like her propagating hate throughout the country.

Sarah Watching March For Life SyroMalabar Catholic Church Baltimore
The MSM never shows the vast number of supporters who join in the March for Life. This group is from the SyroMalabar Catholic Church in Baltimore. The SyroMalabar Catholic Church is a Major Archiepiscopal Church headquartered in India, it is one of 22 Eastern Catholic Churches in the Catholic communion.

So Here’s The Rest Of Story That The Covington Media Coverage Unveiled

Or we could say (sung to the tune of “Who Let The Dogs Out?”) — Who took tha hoods off? Woof Woof Woof Democrats! Who took tha hoods off. Woof Woof Woof Democrats!

The “Sacred Bond” Of Anti-Catholic bigotry rooted deep in the Democrat Party’s Klan DNA.

Was it Bill Clinton that quipped, “You can take the hood off the Democrats, you can put Democrats in the hood, but you can never take the KKK and their hoods out of the Democrat Party.” Don’t quote me on that. What does it matter who said what?

In the history of Democrat bigotry, KKK intolerance of African-Americans is overshadowed only by Democrat KKK intolerance and hatred of Catholics.

Many people today (especially mainstream media types) have no idea of the extreme anti-Catholic sentiment harbored by the Klan.

The nerve center of the KKK operated from a swath of early 1900’s blue state South. In truth, this Second Reich of the DemoKKKrat gestapo existed in all states (yes, northern states too). Except for a few places like New Orleans, originally a French colony, relatively few Catholics lived in the South.

Therefore, it’s easy to see why the Klan is identified predominately with black racism in the south. In fact, this identification is so intertwined, that many people today (especially mainstream media types) have no idea of the extreme anti-Catholic sentiment harbored by the Klan. The Democrat Party’s KKK hated and distrusted all people of the Catholic faith, and the Catholic Church at large.

Two Words Describe Democrat Intolerance Of Catholics: Systemic And Enduring

The recent Covington High School incident brings to light the Democrats’ systemic and enduring intolerance of Catholics. Think about that day in Washington D.C. A bare minimum of factors were involved: a 16-year old wearing a MAGA hat and minding his own business, and a toothless Indian activist wanting some TV time.

Sarah Watching March For Life Make Unborn Babies Great Again
More March for Life marchers. This couple is holding up “Make Unborn Babies Great Again” signs. Sure to trigggg-ggggerr leftists everywhere. Yet they don’t understand why killing babies is triggering to decent people.

Before anyone knew what happened, chaos ensued from all the usual Democrat haters: biased (and unknowingly comedic) leftist media; statements by Democrat congressional members (some who wear hoods to Congress today), Hollywood’s celebrated political analysts, whiny pundits, etc.

All talking heads looking for a little publicity for themselves, a TV camera, a Twitter account, whatever to spew childish hatred to those they have managed to hoodwink. The Democrat/KKK cabal’s chaos proves one thing, they bear the same hatred they have always had toward Catholics. (full disclosure—the Congressional hood wearer hates all Christians and does not discriminate by hating Catholics only.)

To give the Covington explosion some perspective: Google “Parkland school shooting” and “don’t blame the kids.” Now compare that to the Covington incident where the leftist goons and thugs blamed the kids.

Hostility of this intensity is chilling. In fact, the whole Covington fiasco brings up serious questions about the Democrat Party’s history of bigotry, intolerance, and hatred. The natural trajectory follows that if the unveiled hoodlums’ hatred of Catholics is so blatant and enduring, is the Democrat KKK’s so called “tolerance” of blacks authentic?

Have the Democrats essentially hoodwinked all of America—black, white, Hispanic, Asian, everybody?

Did the Democrat Party really overcome their hatred of blacks? Or, are Democrats using blacks and other minorities to gain their ascendancy to the throne of domination in America? (For a detailed answer, read Dinesh D’Souza’s Death of a Nation: Plantation Politics and the Making of the Democrat Party.) Have the Democrats essentially hoodwinked all of America—black, white, Hispanic, Asian, everybody?

A Brief Survey Of The Long History Of DemoKKKrat Hostility

From a brief survey of Democrat KKK history, most people would reason that Democrats learned their lesson about racism and bigotry. After all, during the period of 1954-1968 the Civil Rights Movement happened, including the 1965 Supreme Court decision ending segregation. (Did I mention that troops had to be sent to the then Democrat controlled South to enforce this? Sorry not sorry if I forgot.)

Through the 70’s and early 80’s, the African-American Civil Rights movement’s accomplishments became ingrained in the nation’s fabric. In the south, this manifested as a rejection of Democrat racism and bigotry. This led to decades old deep blue southern states turning a lovely hue of bright red—completely—and remaining that way until today.

Did this period of American history—Civil Rights’ accomplishments ingrained in society and the South turning red—effectively root out the Democrat Party’s intolerance of blacks? Maybe?

What About DemoKKKrat Hostility Toward Catholics?  Did Anyone Check?

But what about Catholics?  Did anyone check on the Democrat KKK’s hatred of Catholics?

Sarah Watching March For Life Person Wearing Red MAGA Hat
More March for Life supporters. Here’s a guy in a red #MAGA hat that Nathan Phillips apparently missed.

Based on the Covington (and Kavanaugh) coverage, it’s beyond fair to conclude that the bigotry has been seething all these years. Like molten rock slowly and consistently churning beneath the earth’s surface, heat from increasing geopolitical energy (not climate change), has brought it to a boiling point again and again and again.

And who would have thought? Long believed to instigate natural phenomena such as rain, ancient Indian drums unleashed a volcano of smoldering Democrat hostility and bigotry. Fractures in the old crust of Leftist KKK DNA could no longer hold the poisonous gases. Ironically, spewing lava from a conical mountain exactly mirrors spewing hatred from a conical hat. And the whole world knew: “Democrats ain’t changed a bit.”

Democrats’ Catholic Bigotry B.C. (Before Covington)

Prior to the Covington event, major galvanic eruptions inflamed by pressurized vents (mainly hot steam and embarrassing tactics) issued not only overheated vitriol, but also material for the Republican 2020 Presidential campaign. For details, google “Brett Kavanaugh”.

Leftist fissures have leaked excessive anti-Catholic animosity and lack of respect for the Constitution. Google “Amy Coney Barrett”.

Even more recently, Democrat Senators Mazie Hirono of Hawaii (speaking of volcanoes and buyers’ remorse) and pretend African-American Kamala Harris of California (speaking of hot air) submitted written questions to Catholic Brian Buescher, an Omaha lawyer nominated to the U.S. District Court for the District of Nebraska. Though Buescher had already been interviewed in person by the Senate Judiciary Committee, these two dimwits wrote the nominee a letter proposing that he resign his affiliation with the Knights of Columbus (a Catholic community service organization). Hirono and Harris veiled their anti-Catholic, anti-constitutional characters during the hearing to protect their public personas.

Instead of Knights of Columbus, Buescher could have listed “ISIS plane tours” and neither Harris nor Hirono would have said a word.

Think about this. There are multiple Congressional members that are pro-Palestine, pro-Iran, pro-Muslim, anti-Israel, anti-Christian, and anti-American. But a guy that does community service (not to be confused with community activism) is asked to resign from charity work? Instead of Knights of Columbus, Buescher could have listed “ISIS plane tours” and neither Harris nor Hirono would have said a word. But I digress on people who do not matter yet again! (Except for Buescher, he matters.)

But that’s only some of the Democrat Bigotry towards Catholics in the last 12 months. Let’s look back at some of the Left’s anti-Catholic badges of honor:

Democrat Anti-Catholic Badges of Honor

Hugo Black (D) – KKK Member and Supreme Court Justice

The first recipient of leftist sainthood status (oh the irony), is the Democrat’s beloved socialist President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR). St. FDR’s first appointment to the Supreme Court was none other than Hugo Black, a senator from Alabama, a reliable “how high?!?” for the New Deal both in the Senate and on the court. Black had also donned hood and gown in his “former” KKK days. And Black’s hostility toward the Catholic Church was redolent of Hitler’s hostility toward Jews.

In 1921, Hugo Black tried his first major case as an Alabama lawyer (he failed the Alabama teacher’s exam so decided to study law). He defended Klansman Edwin Stephenson for shooting an unarmed Father James Coyle because he performed the wedding between Stephenson’s 18-year old daughter and Puerto Rican Catholic, Pedro Gussman. Prior to shooting the priest, the enraged Klansman had yelled “You have married her to that n*****!” A few minutes later, Father Coyle lay dead in the floor of the rectory.

The KKK immediately arranged a dream team of lawyers for Stephenson, led by none other than Hugo Black. The jury and judge (all Klan members) fully acquitted Stephenson of the Catholic priest’s murder.

After this stunning victory, Black joined the Klan and became an inside man in the Alabama courts. In 1926, he was elected U.S. Senator for Alabama. He had built a large political base in part through his delivery of 148 speeches (148!) at local Klan gatherings, where his focus was the denunciation of Catholicism.  

Sarah Watching Hugo Black KKK Resign ITSUB Pittsburgh Gazette
Notice the Pittsburgh Gazette put “Klansman Black’s (Temporary) Resignation” above the letter in reference to Black’s signature ITSUB.

Yes folks! I give you Hugo Black! FDR’s first appointment to the Supreme Court. With less than a year of judicial experience, and without a nomination hearing, Black was confirmed in less than a week. Did I mention google “Kavanaugh”?

Eventually news broke of Black’s membership in the KKK. A letter of resignation written previously in his political career—in case he needed it—was made public through a Pittsburgh newspaper who had broken the story. (Today fake news media would not even report this.)

But here’s the strange thing. Black signed it—I.T.S.U.B.—which stands for “In This Sacred United Bond” which means the letter meant nothing.

While on the court, Black became increasingly anti-Catholic. According to his son (quoted in Newman’s biography on Black) “The KKK and Daddy, so far as I could tell, had one thing in common. He suspected the Catholic Church. He used to read all of Paul Blanshard’s books exposing the power abuse in the Catholic Church. He thought the Pope and the bishops had too much power and property. He resented the fact that rental property owned by the Church was not taxed; he felt they got most of their revenue from the poor and did not return enough of it.”

Paul Blanshard (D) – Anti-Catholic Extraordinnaire

If you look up Catholic bigotry in the dictionary, Paul Blanshard’s picture will be there. Hugo Black relished in Blanshard’s books as did Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of St. FDR.

Paul Blanshard is noted for writing the bigoted 1949 “American Freedom and Catholic Power.” But he had been influential before this.

In 1933, Blanshard laid out his vision for ‘Socialopia’: “An international government, speaking an international language would control all battleships, airplanes, munitions and currency. In the U.S. state lines would vanish and the President and Congress would be replaced by a national Socialist planning board. (Have you ever heard of ‘Socialopia’? Now you know how the Green New Deal will be heralded 76 years from n0w.)

Blanshard’s focus on the Catholic Church began shortly after Mayor Fiorello La Guardia (gulp! A New York Italian? Don’t worry, La Guardia was a Presbyterian) appointed him head of the New York City Department of Investigations and Accounts in 1934. In this role, he became familiar with the political role played by the Archdiocese of New York.

During this period, Blanshard also played the voice of “moral high ground” at leftist protests as an “activist clergy,” just like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton today. (oh the irony will not stop.)

Blanshard also served as editor, lawyer, special counsel and spokesman for the so-called “Americans for Separation of Church and State” founded in 1950, an ultra-leftist organization still alive and trying to ruin America today. It should be renamed (again) to “Democrat Socialists [or Atheists] for the Separation of Church and State.”

Until his death in 1980, Blanshard attacked the authority of Catholic offices, bishop, cardinal, pope, etc., on grounds that it was a dangerous, powerful, foreign, and undemocratic institution. As if the irony could be no greater, leftist Catholics today, the ones who tout Pope Francis’ socialist ideologies (what ever happened to proclaiming Jesus, Francis?) admire Blanshard.

The Assassination of JFK Jr.?

And isn’t it strange that the only President to be assassinated in modern history happened to be very Catholic John F Kennedy, Jr.? And it happened in 1963, before the Civil Rights Era had gotten its footing. JFK’s assassination has been attributed to many things but isn’t this an odd coincidence?

An acquaintance told me the story of a  Blanshard-type(D) who vowed he would move his family to Australia if JFK Jr. was elected president. Sure enough, the tolerant Democrat moved his entire family to Australia. But funny how the grass is always greener. The man took a roll of film to be developed and was told it would be ready in 6 months (!). This small thing made him realize even the tiny benefits of living in the United States. He and his family moved back.

The New Anti-Catholicism: The Last Acceptable Prejudice

In 2003, Philip Jenkins wrote a book titled, “The New Anti-Catholicism: The Last Acceptable Prejudice.” Publishers Weekly wrote the following review encapsulating the mouthpiece of the Democrat Party’s derangement toward Catholics. (Note: this was written in 2003 and the first line is obviously no longer true as the mainstream media continually attacks whites, Christians, Jews, white males, or any race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender that has a conservative viewpoint.)

The American media, usually painstaking in their efforts to offend members of no racial, religious or gender category, consistently make one major exception-the Roman Catholic Church. So argues Jenkins, professor of history and religion at Penn State and a prolific author whose titles include Pedophiles and Priests and The New Christendom. Though anti-Catholicism arrived with the Pilgrims, only since the 1960s has it been aided by dissenters within the Catholic Church, primarily those who disagree with the church on sexual matters: birth control, feminism, abortion, homosexuality. Citing copious recent examples of anti-Catholicism in public protests, movies, television, publishing, the arts, the news media and academia, Jenkins concludes that offenses against Catholicism, unlike those against, say, Judaism or Islam, are rarely censored and never considered hate crimes. Similarly, historical offenses by Catholics are treated differently from those against Catholics: “If seizing Christian Syria and Palestine by the Muslim sword was acceptable in the seventh century, why was it so atrocious to try to reclaim them with the Christian lance 400 years later?” Jenkins, an Episcopalian, wants evenhanded treatment for all religions, whether through equal respect or equal openness to attack. Liberal Catholics may contend that vigorous dissent helps keep the hierarchy honest; others might argue that the largest American denomination does not need the protections afforded more vulnerable groups. For Jenkins, however, it’s about fairness: “One does not make light of black heroes and martyrs, of AIDS or gay-bashing, yet when dealing with Catholics, no subject is off-limits. (Reed Business Information, Inc., 2003)

The Democrat Party Is And Will Always Be The Party Of The KKK

Radical leftists no longer wear hoods and robes (that we know of). Nonetheless, the Democrat Party IS, and will always be, the party of the KKK. Their wardrobe and tactics have changed. But the results are the same. The denigration of the lives of many people through identity politics at ANY cost, totally ignoring the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

If anyone ever doubted before, don’t! Covington High School has unveiled the reality that old Democrat KKK hatred of Catholics is alive and well.

The trajectory of this unveiling begs the question “What about the old Democrat KKK hatred of blacks? Is it really gone?” You don’t have to look beyond the poverty of America’s large cities to answer that question. When all is said and done, the Democrat Party has done a pretty good job of hoodwinking blacks.

Democrats haven’t changed ideologically, but their methods have become increasingly insidious and reprehensible. Leftists have become and are becoming increasingly vile, hateful, deceptive, depraved, dishonest, distasteful, ruthless, criminal, corrupt, and subversive. In a word—evil.

The Democrat Party is as anti-black and anti-Catholic as always, and they have extended their hatred to include anti-Jewish, anti-Christian, anti-American, basically anti-anyone who doesn’t join in leftist group think.

Who hasn’t been hoodwinked by this awful group of people?

Sarah Watching John Courtney Murray Quote Where Government Is God Only Slaves Not Free
Highly recommend reading Father Murray’s entire article. It can be found at


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