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Is The Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearings The First Public Display Of Christian Persecution At The Hands Of The U.S. Government?

Sarah Watching Is Kavanaugh Hearing First Public Christian Persecution By US Government

Outside the Dirksen Senate Building leaves waggled from the rush of passing cars. Only a few blocks away the calm waters of the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool whispered MLK Jr.’s dream for America— “Let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream” (Amos 5:24).

But don’t be betrayed. Inside the Senate Judiciary Committee Room, the war for the soul of America raged. Voices agitated. Hands waved. The insincerity of liars whose consciences are seared juxtaposed consciences that were appalled. Papers rattled. Questions unsettled. Humanity weakened. Injustice roared victorious. The room contained about 50% dignity while the rest hissed like vipers in a pit. This was not another civil war—it was a civil vs. uncivil war.

U.S. Christians have been told for years that government persecution would eventually come to this country. Cages of people thrown into water, churches burned, icons destroyed, blatant ostracization from society, and orange jumpsuits kneeling on a beach represent only a few images conjured up by this thought.

As it turns out, the Accuser, from the Hebrew satan, has played it much more subtly so far.

To those who have heeded Jesus’ words to “Stay awake!” (Matt 24:42; Mark 13:34-35, 37; Luke 21:36), and “Wake up!” (Rev. 3:2-3), Satan’s subtlety has not gone unnoticed.

From the culture, demeaning references are peppered throughout television shows, movies, books, media, and especially in the reprobate world of politics. All of these bear a faint glimpse of the maltreatment of people of faith.

From the U.S government, not so subtle were the anti-Christian and anti-Jewish tirades of the hellish Obama administration. This demonic abyss in American history carried out its persecution in legislation, healthcare, IRS corruption, and many other devilish ways.

Sarah Watching John 15 18 The World Hates You Because It Hated Me First

The Days of Subtlety Are Gone

In the last two weeks, however, the Accuser’s actions have been on full public display during the Senate Judiciary confirmation process of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Perhaps you’re thinking “That’s not Christian persecution, that’s just politics.”

Stay with me. Because it’s anything but “just politics.” Let me explain.

First, we must get the visuals straight and perhaps even notice things that prefer to stay hidden. a) Large groups of people being marched out of churches and standing before a firing squad is not required for something to be called “Christian persecution.” One Christian representative of all people of faith throughout the U.S., a good and fair person, bashed for his faith, is one person too many. b) Amid this frontal attack on Christians, components lurking in American political life, like the dross in heated metal, have come to the brim—the despotic and callous tactics of the Democrat party.

In the news cycle, some made the observation that had it been the 1990’s, Brett Kavanaugh would have received, at the very least, 90% of Senate votes for confirmation. He is truly exemplary in every way as a Supreme Court Justice should be.

Judge Kavanaugh

Judge Kavanaugh has served America for thirty years. A Yale Law graduate, a Harvard Law professor, he currently sits on the second highest court in the land, the D.C. federal court. He is by all accounts a brilliant jurist. The Judge’s job philosophy embodies making decisions based on the law as written. An originalist view of the Constitution guides careful interpretation, like great SCOTUS Judges before him—Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, and William Rehnquist, to name only a few.

In addition to Kavanaugh’s stellar legal record, he is a devout Catholic and a well-rounded family man. In short, he is everything that the Democrat/Socialists/Liberals despise about American Christians.

Democrat Preference For Activist Judges

During the horrific Obama years, the leader paving the way, the Democrats used the courts to get agendas passed. Case in point—Obamacare. Even up to the present day, activist Democrat judges attempt to legislate from the bench—blocking the President’s executive orders, blocking DHS mandates, even blocking laws that have been on the books for years yet relaxed during the lawless years, that are now being enforced.  You read that correctly—activist judges are blocking U.S. federal laws. It is not clear if they even know the law or are doing their master’s bidding.

Why would Democrats use the courts to make law? Why would they do this when we have a perfectly good, however slow, process prescribed by the Constitution? Simple. Because their socialist policies are extremely unpopular with a large swath of American people.

Leftist policies include out-of-control immigration, unvetted refugees, crippling welfare, one-sided trade deals that force companies to leave the U.S. (less jobs, more welfare, more crime, more drug dependency), smothering regulations on businesses, exerting fear based on the climate which no one can predict or control, and more—all designed to cripple the United States’ economy, force people into poverty, and voila! Have them turn to the government for help which equals bigger government—socialism’s goal. And the goal of socialism is communism.

Most Americans Like Their Freedom

The American people, on the other hand, rather enjoy the freedoms expressed in the Bill of Rights. The majority of Americans rather like living in a democracy, earning a living, paying lower taxes, and having limited government. Basically, the majority of Americans do not think or act like any member of the far-left Democrat Party.

The tyrannical Democrats, unable to set policy constitutionally—with representatives from each state—turn to the courts. In particular, they turn to corrupt activist judges—and there are way too many.

To the leftist liberals in the U.S., a seat on the Supreme Court has all the attributes associated with a heroin addict’s next hit. In other words, they will maim, wound, steal, kill, and destroy to get that fix.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Judges must be fair. That is their job.” Not since before Democrat FDR and his socialist polices have judges been fair. Fair is how they ought to be, so that is how we generally think of them. But Democrats threw “fair” away a long time ago and replaced it with “any ruthless means possible.”

A Supreme Court Seat

Which brings us to the Supreme Court. Oh! If only the Democrats could have the majority there! If only! Then they could legislate from the highest bench in our country—decisions which do become precedent law. To the leftist liberals in the U.S., a seat on the Supreme Court has all the attributes associated with a heroin addict’s next hit. In other words, they will maim, wound, steal, kill, and destroy to get that fix.

And that is why America has witnessed the last two weeks of foul, vile Democrat behavior. To the megalomaniacs on the left, Brett Kavanaugh must be ruined. He must go down by any means necessary. Smears. Accusations. Name calling. Ridiculous questioning.

How do these people even sleep at night?

How do they look at themselves in the mirror?

How do they live with themselves?

These people have no morals, no ethics, no concern that they destroy a person’s life in order to gain power. Can they be anything less than sociopaths?

Think about this. In 2016, 2017, and 2018, the corrupt higher-ups at the FBI and DOJ—in cahoots with, you guessed it, Democrats—spied illegally—very illegally—on the Trump presidential campaign. After the election and inauguration, the same people continued Operation Crossfire Hurricane in an attempt to bring down a duly elected President. Yet the leftists, amidst all this federal government corruption, want to investigate Brett Kavanaugh’s 1982 yearbook. Think about that a minute. Anyone with half a brain can see the discrepancy!

And what does the yearbook matter? Most of these unhinged liberals have gone on record saying they “didn’t believe Kavanaugh,” in reference to 36-year old allegations from someone in high school they conveniently thrust on the public in the 11th hour of the committee hearings. These screw-the-law Democrats said they didn’t believe him, BEFORE any questioning took place regarding the incident.


Where are we? Cuba? Russia? Venezuela? Even Paul of the New Testament was given the opportunity to face his accusers in court, and finally appeal to Caesar (Acts 25:11). First-century Romans are more civil than Democrats.

America Wants Her Presumption Of Innocence Back!

Of course, Judge Kavanaugh had a snowball’s chance in hell of proving anything to them. Because to them, the issue is never the issue. The issue is always about gaining power. Specifically, in this circumstance, power in the courts. Moreover, power in the Big Daddy of them all, the Supreme Court. It’s the only way liberals/socialists will ever be able to get their agenda on the books. Americans have categorically rejected, and will never accept, their socialist, high-tax, insane, and unreasonable policies.

Sarah Watching Luke 6 22-23
Having haters is a good thing.

Therefore, you see the cause of the Democrats’ desperation. In this mental breakdown, they have basically touted “Screw the presumption of innocence.”

Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary has been just like the Salem witch trials—GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT. Anybody got a match?

More to the point, it is just like the Democrat organization known as the KKK. GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT. Anybody got a rope?

GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT stomps on the fundamental protections of our country! This is the sort of government persecution that causes people to seek asylum in other countries.

Sitting In The Rafters With Scout And Jem Watching The Condemnation Of An Innocent Man

In Harper Lee’s novel To Kill A Mockingbird, lawyer Atticus Finch defends Tom Robinson, an innocent man charged with raping Mayella Ewell. It is obvious that Tom is innocent, but Tom Ewell, a mean drunk and protector of self-interests, forces his daughter Mayella to lie about Tom.

In closing arguments, Finch reminds the jury, “Our courts have their faults, as does any human institution, but in this country our courts are the great levelers, and in our courts all men are created equal” (emphasis mine).

Despite Atticus’ skillful and passionate defense, the jury, as well as the majority of townspeople, have ALREADY made up their minds about Tom’s guilt.

Our courts have their faults, as does any human institution, but in this country our courts are the great levelers, and in our courts all men are created equal. -Atticus Finch in To Kill A Mockingbird

Tom Robinson’s biased verdict and “presumption of guilt” was based on race. He had a snowball’s chance in hell of proving anything to that jury or to the people because he was black.

Judge Kavanaugh’s “presumption of guilt” is based on conservative ideology, rooted in a strong Catholic upbringing—which means that “all men are created equal” is foundational to his judicial principles. His intelligence, fairness, and brilliant command of the constitution and law constitute a person who won’t kowtow to pressure and who can’t be bought. This leaves the Democrats, who depend on dark money and the MSM megaphone, utterly powerless.

“Powerless” Is What Chaps The Democrats

In the 1960’s setting of Mockingbird, the lower social classes are represented by the white-trash Ewells. And below the social strata represented by the Ewells is the black community. This juxtaposition enables Bob Ewell, the father who brought false charges, to make up for his own lack of importance by persecuting Tom Robinson.

In a similar manner, the Democrats, who envision themselves at a far greater social level than the rest of America, make up for their own lack of importance, confirmed by America’s rejection of leftist policies, by persecuting whoever gets in their way of attaining power. Because frankly, whoever that person is, doesn’t matter in their eyes. A living, breathing human must bow to their quest for power.

You’ve undoubtedly witnessed this behavior at election time. As Ben Shapiro says in How To Debate Leftists And Destroy Them, “In order for them to be morally superior, you must be morally inferior. Calling you a racist and sexist, a bigot and a homophobe, gives them a sense of satisfaction with their status in the universe, even if they never help a single individual human being.” Truer words have never been spoken.

Brett Kavanaugh, his life, his achievements, his wife, parents, two young daughters(!), himself, do not matter to the Democrats. They see him as an enemy because of a life well-lived, a life dedicated to the cause of justice, a life dedicated to Christ, a life that will not be phased by their crooked and perverse ways.

Democrats Really Need Jesus

The horrific Democrat treatment of people speaks to their severe lack of any anthropological theology. Humans are made in the image of God. All persons are a creation of God and are loved by Jesus Christ who died on their behalf. All people are valuable in God’s sight. All people deserve to be treated with dignity and to be taken care of by the people being PAID to represent and care for them.

The majority of America that watched the Democrat tactics at the Judiciary (yes, think about that—judiciary) Committee Hearing, expressed shock, disdain, and outright anger at the disgusting behavior—words and actions—of the Democrat committee members.

Like me, they must have felt and thought much like Scout and Jem—watching the anguish of an innocent Jim Robinson from the sweltering court room rafters. Normal Americans cannot understand how the Democrats could ever possibly call Judge Kavanaugh “guilty” based on their own clearly fabricated story.

But look where these liberals began. Foregoing one of our country’s foundational principles that all people are “INNOCENT until proven guilty” they declared the Supreme Court nominee GUILTY to a 36-year old charge of which they had heard NO testimony. And after hearing the very weak, no place, no time, no date, NO corroboration testimony, they continued to condemn an innocent man.

American hearts wrenched while attempting to grapple with this awful display of injustice.

Democrats Aren’t Patriots—Democrats Are Globalist Reprobates

Upholding the foundational principles of this country appeals to patriots. But you see, Democrats are NOT patriots. They are activist, obstructionist, open borders, big government, globalist reprobates who are more concerned with illegal aliens (read warm human bodies to enter voting booths) than American citizens. Their debauchery knows no limits.

As in a 1960’s book, so also today in our society, the struggle resulting from the coexistence of good and evil is in plain view.

Sarah Watching Ephesians 6 12
If you have a son, son-in-law, grandson, or if you are male yourself—what door might this open if someone decides they want to “get back” at you? If you do something they don’t like? Have different ideas? What might they do for revenge? Or to stop your career from advancing? Or to get you kicked out of school? Or any number of things. God forbid this new evil breed of Barackian-Communist Democrats ever have control of the U.S. government again.

The bad news is that the Democrats with daddy sorosbucks’ billions, conniving schemes that will go to any level of fanaticism, lack of morality, lack of decency, and the loud speaker of the vitriolic fake news mainstream media, these leftists are a force of satanic evil to be reckoned with. And remember, in the New Testament, the demons are always the loudest.

But the good news is even better—God doesn’t need money, schemes, or media to carry out His policies. He will stand up for us. We are more than conquerors in Jesus Christ and are empowered to stand up to this kind of evil. As Paul told the Corinthians, themselves struggling against a degenerate and lewd segment of the population:

For though we walk in the flesh, we are not waging war according to the flesh.  4 For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh but have divine power to destroy strongholds. We destroy arguments  5 and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ (2 Cor. 10:3-5).

Judge Kavanaugh is the first outwardly PUBLIC display of Christian persecution by the U.S. government. Persecution carried out by the Democrat side of the aisle. (but Republicans! Speak Up! You can stop them.)

Think how Brett Kavanaugh stands out—he is ethically, morally, and intellectually superior to every Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee put together. There is absolutely no contest. As he stands out, so in that same strength he is standing up to the persecution—for all of us. He is standing up to the vengefulness of the Democrats. A life of faith has prepared and enabled keeping faith in the human capacity for good and the process of a fair and legal hearing, in light of the recurring instances of human evil. Being a fair judge, he expected the best that America had to offer from Congress. But Democrats aren’t “best” at anything except scheming and lying, communicable attributes of Satan.

Staying awake. Being watchful. In the recurring instances of Democrat evil—and there will be more—may God help us to keep faith in the human capacity for good, in the human capacity to do what is right—whatever may come.

Let us also stand prepared in the same strength that comes from a life of faith. A life sold-out and devoted to Jesus Christ. Judge Kavanaugh has given us a perfect contemporary role model—maybe that is why God chose him to be the first Christian persecuted publicly by the U.S. government at the hands of the criminal Democrat Party.

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