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Who does this? (Hint: See 2 Corinthians 11:13-14)

CNN “Religion Commentator” Edward Beck Slanders Christians: Throws the Body of Christ Under a Bus

Sarah Watching CNN Religion Commentator Slanders Christians Throws The Body Of Christ Under The Bus

“Have you ever had someone tell a lie about you? It’s a pretty helpless feeling.”

So begins a chapter on “Slander” by CNN Religion Commentator “Father” Edward Beck in his book Soul Provider: Spiritual Steps to Limitless Love. He continues:

You can dispute the lie, but once it is uttered, it cannot be taken back. It takes on a life of its own. Even if shown to be untrue, the lie exists in memory, at times destroying reputations and lives. Perhaps this is why slander has been seen as such a major offense by religious traditions.

Adamant that “no good can come from slander,” Beck next describes the disturbing root of slander and the necessary resolve to combat this “world of unrighteousness” (James 3:6):

Whether we torch a reputation for our own purposes or we find ourselves maligned for the sake of someone else’s designs, there is no good that comes from slanderRooted in insecurity and detached from reality, slander begins as words uttered and ends in lives destroyed. The surest way to prevent that destruction is to imprison malicious words with utmost diligence…”

Undoubtedly, this man of the cloth knows the destruction wrought by “malicious words.” He knows slander is “rooted in insecurity” and “detached from reality.” Bo knows football and Beck knows slander. He may even know that the Pharisaical, that is the ecclesiastic, woe of slander and other high-handed sins have potential to make a child of God “twice as much a child of hell” (Matt. 23:15) as the doctrinaire himself.

Or maybe Mr. Beck doesn’t know?

Perhaps you can hear Paul’s scathing indictment ringing down through the ages in response to this modern day betrayer, i.e. “religion commentator”:

Therefore you have no excuse, O man, every one of you who judges. For in passing judgment on another you condemn yourself, because you, the judge, practice the very same things. Romans 2:11

Beck’s Soul Provider chapter devoted to “slander,” quotes the Old and New Testaments, St Bernard, John Climacus, and St Francis de Sales. Both Scripture and these men of the great cloud of witnesses testify to the evil and deceitfulness of maligning another. OT Wisdom says slander is the activity of a fool as opposed to a wise person. Jesus, Peter, and Paul warned against the un-Christlike behavior of slander.

Yet, Edward Beck donned in the garment of a Catholic priest, stands in front of a CNN cable television camera and slanders Christians (!). Brother and sisters of the Christian faith! Openly. Without remorse.

And for what? Money? Acceptance? Fame? He purports himself to be a qualified guide for soul care, even warning of slander’s destructiveness to the slanderer and the one slandered, then turns around and slanders Christians!?! Can you hear Jesus: “Physician, heal yourself!” (Luke 4:23)? More likely, “you will know them by their fruits” (Matt. 7:20).

Sarah Watching John Climacus Quote Slander Is The Offspring Of Hatred


How Can Edward Beck Throw The Body Of Christ Under A Bus?

Why does Edward Beck slander Christians? Those who Jesus died for? No one knows the heart or thoughts of a man except God alone (1 Sam. 16:7; Ps. 44:21, 94:11). So maybe a better way to ask this question is “How can Edward Beck throw the Body of Christ under the bus?” Especially on a propagandizing, anti-Christian network whose employees practice slander 95% of the time. How can someone who has taken an oath (?) commit such a vile practice as to slander fellow Christians?

Here is a trustworthy saying: “Perversion on the horizontal plane corresponds to disorder on the vertical.” We are content to leave that part to the mercy of God.

However, in order to “extinguish the flaming darts of the evil one” (Eph. 6:16) shot via Edward Beck’s bow, we need to understand how someone who claims to be a member of the Body of Christ can openly profane other members of the Body of Christ. Two questions need to be asked.

  1. What is a “religion commentator”?
  2. What exactly did Mr. Beck say when he slandered Christians? And is this an ongoing practice of Mr. Beck’s?

After reflection, prayer, and spiritual discernment, perhaps God will grant us wisdom to see the plight of this poor soul. As we take up the sword of the Spirit, we guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus from such cruel attacks. God knows a kingdom divided cannot stand (Luke 11:17-18). Secular society provides more than enough intolerance towards Christianity. We must reject the voice of one who claims to belong to Christ, yet slanders the Body of Christ.

(And perhaps someone will send Beck a copy of his own book?)

What Is A Religion Commentator?

“Religion” is one of those words that applies to an ever-expanding spectrum of “things.” Not so long ago, “religion” indicated faith in God or gods, and adherence to a set of doctrinal concepts. Not so today. Instead, “religion” is an extremely vague term. And the fake news media organizations, such as CNN, etc., capitalize on that obscurity by offering the opinions of a so-called “Religion Commentator.”

From Oxford Dictionary:

Religion –

a) one of the systems of faith that are based on the belief in the existence of a particular God or gods, or in the teachings of a spiritual leader;

b) a particular interest or influence that is very important in your life; (examples: “Consumerism is the new religion.” “For him, football is a religion”)

Commentator –

a person who is an expert on a particular subject and talks or writes about it on television or radio, or in a newspaper

Notice that religious affiliation, denomination, or a relationship with Jesus Christ is not mentioned as a tenet of “religion,” or a requirement for “commentator.”

A “Religion Commentator” Is An Expert, But In What?

A so-called “religion commentator” may be an expert in jihad, satanic worship, atheism, the papacy, mega-churches, wicca, or voodoo dancing, to name only a few. An expert requires no ordination and may even be someone like author and Presidential hopeful Marianne Williamson. Ms. Williamson’s new age spirituality is a religion practiced by many people in the U.S. In fact, Ms. Williamson would make a great “religion commentator” in the event that her Presidential bid doesn’t work out.

Exploiting the word “religion,” the MSM covertly assigns it to Christianity—say by having an “expert” Catholic priest standing on-screen. This forced context will be used to denigrate Christians, i.e. Trump voters, in hopes of aiding and abetting CNN’s endless attack and slander of President Trump. The ploy here has the ultimate goal of turning Christian Trump voters against the president, though satan may use several intervening steps. 

By presenting a “religion commentator,” i.e. an expert of a vague, undefined subject, the fake news media hopes to deceive what few viewers they have left. They portray a person as a bona fide expert on Christianity—whether true or not. All that is required of this faker is to impart some modicum of credibility to CNN’s leftist narrative, or faux outrage du jour. Just as the Democrat Media Complex thinks Al Sharpton gives credibility to racial issues, so they think Edward Beck gives credibility to slanderous words spoken against Christians.

A “Religion Commentator” Helps CNN Pull The Dragon’s Old, Old, Old Trick

Inevitably, the left will play satan’s oldest trick in the book—to foment doubt in a Christian’s beliefs, in other words to doubt God. (Shame on someone who claims to be a minister and participates in this impiety.)

Look no further than Genesis 3 to see how the dragon’s old trick works. This fiendish trap has been used ad nauseum since the Garden.

When the serpent asked Eve a question about God’s Word, he maneuvered Eve into doubting God in only in 3 steps—think, defend (as in “go on defense”), doubt. Basically, Eve allowed herself to become engaged in a theological conversation with satan, who doesn’t play fair in anything, much less debate.

Don’t ever allow yourself to become engaged in a theological conversation with demons, or CNN, or satan, or a religion commentator. Seriously, would anyone discuss real racial issues with Al Sharpton?

Make no mistake about it—CNN doesn’t use Edward Beck to appeal to the many atheists and unbelievers in their audience. Their aim is to appeal to any Christ follower trapped in an airport or who accidentally turned on CNN at home. Beck and his brand new, barely worn priest’s collar serves as a visual representative of the Christian faith (and an emotional appeal to Catholic viewers). Beck’s proof texts of Scripture (which will be covered in detail later) reinforce this audibly (Scripture being the emotional factor for Protestant viewers who believe in the priesthood of all believers. cf. 1 Peter 2:5; Rev. 1:6; and the authority and primacy of Scripture for the life of God’s people).

Sarah Watching Francis de Sales Quote Slander Is A Kind Of Murder
Will Jesus say, “Well done good and faithful servant” to Mr. Beck?

The Sinister Leftist Forces Will Try Anything To Break Christian Conviction

Unlike leftists, liberals, and scumbags in general, Christians possess conviction—they are convicted of the truth of Jesus Christ. That is why Marxists, Communists, Socialists, Democrats, and the leftist “news” organizations despise Christians—because they cannot control them. The left uses the likes of a dubious Catholic priest in hope of causing an inroad to doubt which will eventually erode the faith of a believer.  And this is always with an eye to the main goal whatever it may be. In the case of illegal immigration, the goal is to cause Christians to believe that their support of what President Trump is doing to secure the southern border is unchristian. (The left is so superficial!)

However, here’s the rub for the left: It is NOT possible for Democrats, or any of their mainstream media cheerleaders, to appeal to the Christian conscience ethically. (not to mention this would require them being ethical people.) Consciences may be won, but they remain out of the left’s control and manipulation; and that presents uncertainty, especially during voting seasons. Therefore, networks like CNN, aided by religion commentators, must launch intellectually militant attacks upon another point—the nervous system.

The means employed here is propaganda, which does not make appeals to conviction (since these would have to be addressed to the conscience), but rather operates with nerve stimulants, such as slogans, sound effects, eye-catchers, and monotonously repeated attacks upon concentrated goals. Consequently, the ideologies are always associated with propaganda, the preferred style of totalitarian exercise of power. [In this regard, they are a] cynically utilized means for the exercise of power. Helmut Thielicke, “Ideals In A Free Society” in The Freedom of the Christian Man

Nerve stimulants cannot affect the Body of Christ as long as His Spirit lives within us. Christians “have the mind of Christ” (1 Cor. 2:16). The Holy Spirit lives within us, the Spirit of truth, who Jesus promised “will guide you into all the truth” (John 16:13). We must stand on the truth of God’s Word (Eph. 6:10-13). Test the spirits (1 John 4:1)!

Paul gave the Corinthian Christians this easy formula: “Therefore I want you to understand that no one speaking in the Spirit of God ever says “Jesus is accursed!” and no one can say “Jesus is Lord” except in the Holy Spirit (1 Cor. 12:3).

No one claiming to speak for God out of one side of their mouth, while slandering the Body of Christ out of the other side, is speaking in the Spirit of God. Period.

CNN Collared Religion Commentator in El Paso Slanders Christians

CNN’s religion commentator “Father Edward Beck,” a Catholic of the Passionist persuasion commentated with Chris “Fredo” Cuomo in El Paso after the early August 2019 shooting. Beck’s statements were so wrong, so woefully and ignorantly wrong, it is difficult to know where to begin.

False Teacher Feelings

As a personal note, it makes me nauseous, literally, that some man on cable television (even though CNN has very few viewers) wearing a clerical collar is falsely teaching the Word of God. It makes me sick! Beck’s statements are the epitome of false teaching. Jude and 2 Peter are probably turning over in their tombs. But as Jesus lives in me, I say, “Forgive Him Father God in heaven, whether Edward Beck knows what he is doing or not. Have mercy on his soul.”  Vengeance belongs to the Lord and He will repay (Romans 12:19).

I Don’t Watch CNN But I Do Listen To Rush Limbaugh

On Rush Limbaugh’s 08/07/2019 show, he introduced a CNN segment as follows:

Monday night on CNN’s Fredo Prime Time — Fredo Cuomo has a show — it was live from El Paso. And Fredo spoke with the religion analyst for CNN. Every network now has a religion analyst. Many of them are former priests… …they gave it up so they could now go on TV and be openly liberal and get paid for it rather than chump change in a church.

Beck’s bio says that he is a Catholic Passionist which is the “Congregation of Discalced Clerks of the Most Holy Cross and Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ.” “Discalced” means “without shoes” to reflect a calling to greater austerity and a very simple lifestyle. Beck must stick out like a sore thumb in his Manhattan neighborhood.

Rush continues setting up the clip:

And CNN’s guy is named Edward Beck. CNN religion analyst speaking about the shooting in El Paso, Texas. Fredo Cuomo said, “These white nationalists say they are Christian.” Now, wait. Who do you know that identifies themselves as white nationalists? Who do you know? In your neighborhood, in your church, in your town, who do you know that when you introduce ’em to somebody, you say, “Here is a white nationalist and friend of mine, Zeke Slobodnik?” How many of you do that?

… But nevertheless, here’s Fredo’s question to CNN’s religion analyst, Father Edward Beck. “These white nationalists say they are Christian.”

It’s not even a real question, but Cuomo says it like a question. Not a single news outlet reported that the El Paso shooter was a “white nationalist” or a Christian. “White nationalist” is the latest “President Trump smear” from Democrats and mainstream media since the whole Mr. Integrity Mueller thing blew up in their faces. By slandering President Trump using “white nationalist,” Chris Cuomo conflates it with “Christian” to also slander the President’s supporters. See the immediate deception? The faulty premise?

This is a perfect example of Satan’s old, old, old trick. His first use of the trick, he asked

“Did God really say you must not eat from any of the trees of the garden?” (Gen. 3:1).

How does anyone answer a convoluted question like that?

And how does anyone answer a statement stated like a question? – “These white nationalist say they are Christian.”

If Mr. Beck had any authentic regard for the sufferings of Jesus, or if he truly believed what he wrote in Soul Provider, he would have said something like “Now, wait a minute Chris. We’re talking about one person, the shooter is one person. And nobody mentioned him being a white nationalist (besides the fake news media), a nationalist, or a Christian. Chris, I must call you out for intellectual dishonesty, using the exact tactics of the father of lies in your questioning, conflating “nationalists” and “Christians” in the wake of this horrible tragedy at the hands of this one El Paso shooter. Apples, oranges, and peaches. You’re calling a lot of God’s children—who Jesus died for btw—“white nationalists” and slandering them, no good comes from slander, you must be detached from reality Chris—you should read my book! You really don’t know if they are white nationalists or not. Only God knows the heart, Chris. Judge not and neither will you be judged.”

The man who really understands “suffering” could have said a lot. But did the curate of souls, the so-called representative of Christ on CNN, say anything like that?

Did Beck remember the heart of his Passionist vows that Christ suffered and died on the cross for all people? Here is the collared one’s serpentine response:

BECK: That is a contradiction in terms. You can’t put “nationalist” and “Christian” together. Jesus was definitely not a nationalist. The very essence of Jesus is crossing borders, going to the Samaritan woman, going to the stranger. I mean, how can you put Christian and nationalism together? Nationalism says my country is better than yours, my race is better than yours. That flies in the face of everything Christianity teaches.

Sarah Watching Saint Bernard Quote Slander Is A Poison

I’ve critiqued a lot of sermons over the years. But this expert religion commentator made a total mess of more things in a few seconds than the younger and less-experienced come close to in 25 minutes. Beck’s statements are 100% flawed on every level imaginable.

Where does anyone start debunking such an erroneous pile of feces? Even the power hoses of San Francisco couldn’t clean up this probrum excreta.

The best way to begin is to state all the blunders with the statement. Otherwise it is impossible to refute such a bastardized answer.

Beck’s Blunders

  1. incorrect definition of nationalism, the house of cards built by Cuomo and puppet Beck (of course they are targeting nervous systems with this maligned definition)
  2. basic premise of labeling the El Paso shooter a nationalist is incorrect (since the definition is wrong).
  3. basic premise of labeling the El Paso shooter a Christian is incorrect.
  4. conflating “nationalist” and “Christian”
  5. Beck’s words do not align with his basic theological beliefs
  6. Beck is proof texting Scripture
  7. Beck is falsely teaching the Bible
  8. And to reiterate, Beck is slandering Christians! The “man of God” is throwing the Body of Christ under the bus. 

Debunking Beck’s Blunders #1 and #2: The Correct Meaning Of “Nationalism”

According to a recent article in the Washington Examiner, a credible news organization, “Much Ado About Nationalism” says the following:

But like all other nations, part of what defines [American nationalism] are the boundaries of its territory, the limits and qualifications of its citizenry, and the common interests of Americans that are, ideally, the sole driver of all decisions made by its government.

And this last is the key. For on the occasions when he has tried to articulate it, Trump has shown that this is what he means by “America First.” Every decision of the U.S. government should somehow promote the interests of American citizens, or else it should not be taken. And any act of government that promotes someone else’s interests without promoting the common American interest is not something government should be doing — not just counterproductive but potentially unconstitutional and either way worthy of punishment by the electorate.

Put another way, if you believe in a government by the people and for the people, you believe in nationalism.

In his book “God and Government,” Chuck Colson writes:

Christians understand the phrase “a nation under God” not as a license for blind nationalism or racial superiority but as a humbling acknowledgement that all people live under the judgment of God.

(As an aside, Colson expresses the most gratitude for writing inspiration to Richard John Neuhaus and St. Augustine of Hippo. Certainly Beck has heard of these two men?)

Clearly, “nationalism” does NOT “say that my country is better than yours, my race is better than yours.” “Nationalism” has no class structure. Unlike socialist, communist, and totalitarian governments, which are fancied in particular by CNN, et al, nationalism’s view of all people is best stated in the Declaration of Independence:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Nationalism is a feeling of unity among a group of people based on a sense of pride in their country. Nationalism and patriotism are near synonyms. Yet communists, socialists, globalists, aka transnationalists, such as Chris Cuomo and Edward Beck, have tried to redefine the terms as opposites of each other.

“Nationalism” contains nothing in its meaning about “being better than.” It is an agape love of country and fellow citizens. It is a national cohesion of all citizens. Therefore, nationalism has no place for identity politics and racism. Moreover, it represents an obedience to the laws of the United States. As one border patrol agent put it, “Illegal doesn’t mean racist.”

Debunking Beck’s Blunders #2, #3, #4: Conflating “Nationalist” and “Christian”

By using “nationalist” and “Christian” in the same sentence, Beck forces an implied relationship. This conflates the two terms in the hearer’s mind. And no evidence is required from Beck to support a relationship that doesn’t exist. It’s sort of like saying “Jesus casts out demons by Beelzebub” (Luke 11:15).

That is how the CNN Soul Provider, more like Soul Provoker, easily uses the term “white nationalist” to slander all Christians. And he does it without blinking an eye. The intellectual—and spiritual(!)—dishonesty of Beck equating the pejorative use of “nationalism” with “Christian” indicates he is sociopathic and/or exceptionally ignorant.

Sarah Watching Socrates Quote When The Debate Is Lost Slander Becomes The Tool Of The Losers

Or perhaps Beck displays an audacious spirit found in many a fallen “Religion Commentator”? In slandering the people of God with a lie, has he not set himself as judge? Has Beck not usurped transcendence in an attempt to lift himself above his fellow brothers and sisters in Christ?  Besides invoking a severity of judgment, high-handed sin such as this has the same result as all transgressions—a person’s view is obscured rather than enlightened.

Our first ancestors, who crossed a forbidden border to God that they might become as God, did not in fact become as God but forfeited their familial relationship and were expelled from Paradise.

Misery loves company, so perhaps that is why Beck is such an advocate for illegal border crossers?

The Fulfillment Of All Israel’s Prophecies—Jesus Christ

And Beck must be called out for the asinine statement that the fulfillment of all Israel’s prophecies—Jesus Christ—was not a nationalist. Jesus is God incarnate. God, who chose Israel as His treasured possession out of all the nations on the earth (Exodus 19:5-6). Jesus, a descendant of David, Israel’s greatest king, was born to Jewish parents. He attended temple and Jewish festivals.

Israel was a theocracy under Roman rule when Jesus walked the earth, so it is not hermeneutically possible to springboard Jesus from the 1st century straight to a modern comparison in 21st century America without principles explaining the delicate move.

Jesus loved Israel. “He came to His own, and His own people did not receive Him” (John 1:11). He came not only to the world, which was His own, but to His own people, Israel, according to the covenant God made with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. (The OT repeatedly refers to the Lord’s covenant and steadfast love for the patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.) With the proper definition of “nationalism,” it is safe to say that like a nationalist, Jesus Christ loved Israel and its citizens and enjoyed a national cohesion among all citizens—the Jewish people are God’s chosen people.

However, the analogy stops there. Israel’s theocracy was “by the Lord, for the Lord.” America is “by the people, for the people” so there are differences, but not as the exegetically challenged padre suggests.

Personally, I am proud to be both a Christian and an American nationalist. And like Jesus, I also love Israel. In Mr. Beck’s defense, he may have mistaken the meaning of “nationalism” with “imperialism.” However, in defense of the millions of Christians he has maligned with careless words, the Catholic priest should take it upon himself to understand the difference—and apologize.

Debunking Beck’s Blunders #5: Passionist Beliefs—Talking the Talk, But Walking the Walk?

Beck continues with the following absurd comment:

The very essence of Jesus is crossing borders, going to the Samaritan woman, going to the stranger.

This is an outlandish statement coming from a man who is a Catholic Passionist—one who vows to promote the remembrance of the passion of Jesus Christ, that is, His suffering and death.

But Mr. Beck says “the very essence of Jesus” is NOT His suffering and death, but it “is crossing borders?” What? Beck has an opportunity to share the Gospel with a few hundred thousand CNN viewers, the majority being non-believers and atheists, and does he drop the ball or what?

Doesn’t it seem that he would contend that the essence of Jesus’ is His suffering and death for all humanity? Not only is that the focal point of the Passionist Order, but it is the beginning point of the Great Commission’s mandate. This seems like a gross violation of the vows that Beck took before God. But again—that is between Beck and His Heavenly Father.

Instead, Beck takes the Democrat socialist/liberal “crossing borders” approach betraying not only the Body of Christ but also Beck’s dire lack of Biblical knowledge.

Admittedly, I would have agreed with Mr. Beck about Jesus’ essence being “crossing borders” if he had mentioned Jesus crossing the border of heaven to come to earth (John 3:16), or the border of hell to preach to the spirits in prison (1 Peter 3:19-20), or the border from death to life (He is risen!), where Christians, by faith, hold dear that He who raised the Lord Jesus will raise us also with Jesus and bring us into His presence (2 Corinthians 4:14).

Now those are borders!

But Beck diminished these great borders of faith crossed by the Incarnate God and opted for much, much, less. In fact, he opted to use specious borders.

The padre’s diminished borders consist of “the Samaritan woman and going to the stranger.”

Debunking Beck’s Blunders #6 And #7: Taking Beck’s Proof-Texted Fake Borders One By One

First A Word About The Promised Land Borders

Look at any map of the settlement of the 12 tribes (book of Joshua), the Promised Land, the Land God gave to Israel, and plot out all the places that Jesus travelled while on earth. With the exception of His sojourn in Egypt as a young child—where He nor His parents intended to stay indefinitely, nor did Mary and Joseph claim that toddler Jesus entitled them to all Egyptian amenities, no income tax, and free healthcare—Christ never travelled outside the borders of the land promised to Abraham. Never. Jesus Christ came to preach the Kingdom of God to the Jews.

When Jesus sent out the Twelve to proclaim the Gospel to the “lost sheep of Israel” (Matt. 10:6), true, Jesus told the disciples not to go to the Gentiles or Samaritans—but it had nothing to do with borders.

Throughout Scripture it is easy to see that the divine beginning of things is always an anomaly. Jesus’ initial focus was the people of Israel who worshipped at the Jerusalem temple. From a strategic point of view, this is easy to figure out. God’s intention for Israel was to be a missionary nation. If the teachers, the devout, the scribes, the “regular worshippers” had believed that Jesus was the Messiah, then God’s initial intention would have come to fruition. However, God knew the people would reject the Messiah (read Isaiah 49-53). In His wisdom, He allowed them to reject Jesus outright because God wants faith. Therefore, God didn’t put a neon sign above Jesus blinking “This is Him! This is Him!” It is God’s desire that all people come to faith in Jesus Christ. (for further Scripture reading, see Romans 2-3, 9-11).

The Samaritan Woman

The Samaritan woman of John 4 was drawing water from the well that “our father Jacob” (John 4:12) dug. Jacob! Jacob as in “The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.” Samaritans were of Jewish descent. The rift between Samaritans and Jews concerned the place of temple worship.

The Samaritans believed that God should be worshipped on Mount Gerizim, the mount of blessing (cf. Deut. 11:29, 27:12; Joshua 8:33). The Jews worshipped at the temple in Jerusalem. That is why the woman said to Jesus, “our fathers worshipped on this mountain…” (John 4:20). Then Jesus answered “Woman, believe me, the hour is coming when neither on this mountain [Mount Gerizim] nor in Jerusalem will you worship the Father” (John 4:21).

Jesus crossed no border to talk to the Samaritan woman.

Going To The Stranger

And then Beck’s questionable, the essence of Jesus is… “going to the stranger.” Going to the stranger?

First of all, “going to the stranger” is not in Scripture, unless we are talking about missions, that is, Christians crossing borders—legally with passports and visas—to other countries. Not to live indefinitely. Not to break the country’s laws. But to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Nonetheless, Friar Beck has stolen from Scripture to give to the CNN narrative. “Stranger” is a memorable New Testament word. Jesus uses it in the end-times parable describing judgment as separating the sheep and the goats (Matthew 25:31-46).

Obviously, Beck ignored the literary and theological context of the entire passage. The passage begins:

When the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the angels with him, then he will sit on his glorious throne.  32 Before him will be gathered all the nations, and he will separate people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. Matthew 25:31-32

Before Jesus’ glorious throne will be gathered who? All the nations! In fact, this section is subtitled “The Judgment of the Nations.”

This indicates that people are separated into nations or nationalities. Bauer-Danker Greek English Lexicon of the New Testament (BDAG) defines the usage of ethos in Matthew 25:32 as a “body of persons united by kinship, culture, and common traditions, nation, people.” If Jesus had intended “people” in general, there is a specific word in Koine Greek for that – laos. The NT word “nation” easily springboards from the 1st century to the 21st century (see Act 2:5-10 for an example.)

See Mr. Beck, God had a purpose in creating nations. A purpose that far outweighs the liberal agenda you are trying to advance through fake borders proclaimed on fake news. As a reminder, you are advancing this agenda even to the point of slandering fellow brothers and sisters in Christ!

God Made Every Nation, Setting Exact Places For Every Person

God’s purpose in nations—you may recall the Tower of Babel? The people were being disobedient to the covenants made with Adam and Noah, to “be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth” (Gen. 1:28; Gen. 9:1, 7). Moreover, they were trusting in themselves, their building, their size, “Come, let us build ourselves a city and a tower with its top in the heavens, and let us make a name for ourselves, lest we be dispersed over the face of the whole earth” (Gen. 11:4). They were not trusting in God.

Genesis 11:5 says God “came down to see the city and the tower” (Gen. 11: 6). There the Supreme Judge declared that the evil of collective masses would not be allowed. In His supreme activity He allowed collapse and confusion to cut off the high-handed sin of self-assertion. The dispersion of the people, i.e. the creation of the nations, over the face of the earth (Gen. 11:9), is a fulfillment of the covenant to “fill the earth.”

Luke touches on this exact dilemma in Acts for goodness’ sake! Certainly, the CNN priest has read this?

From one man he made every nation of men, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live [that is boundaries and borders]. God did this so that men would seek him and perhaps reach out for him and find him, though he is not far from each one of us. Acts 17:26-27, NIV

Strangers vs. Foreigners

In the OT, stranger is sometimes synonymous with foreigner—it depends on context. “A text without a context is a pretext to a proof text.” But there is a huge difference between this OT usage and how “stranger” or “foreigner” is tossed about in the mainstream media.

If foreigners wanted to take up residence with the people of Israel:

  1. they were expected to convert to Judaism, therefore, to assimilate to existing Jewish culture and cultic law,
  2. they were expected to work and take care of themselves, i.e. gleaning (no one did it for them) and participating in God-ordained worship and festivals, a time when the poor and needy could also receive food,
  3. they were expected to contribute to society for good,
  4. they were held to the same laws as the citizens, and
  5. if they broke any laws, they received the same punishment according to the law, even being put to death.

And no one said God’s Torah was racist.

It is true that Jesus told the apostles and the disciples gathered at His ascension to cross some borders: “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age” (Matthew 28:19-20). This is missions. Beck should be familiar with the distinction of Christian missionaries and illegal aliens.

God Himself Institutes Governing Authorities

Whether a citizen or stranger or visitor in a nation, Paul says that we are to obey the governing authorities who have been instituted by God, otherwise it is resisting God (!). Someone from another nation who crosses the U.S. border illegally is breaking the law—period! They are breaking the law of a nation, therefore, they are resisting God. Padre! What do you not get about this?

Let every person [note nothing about race, gender, ethnicity] be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God.  2 Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment.  3 For rulers are not a terror to good conduct, but to bad. Would you have no fear of the one who is in authority? Then do what is good, and you will receive his approval,  4 for he is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword in vain. For he is the servant of God, an avenger who carries out God’s wrath on the wrongdoer.  5 Therefore one must be in subjection, not only to avoid God’s wrath but also for the sake of conscience.  6 For the same reason you also pay taxes, for the authorities are ministers of God, attending to this very thing.  7 Pay to all what is owed to them: taxes to whom taxes are owed, revenue to whom revenue is owed, respect to whom respect is owed, honor to whom honor is owed. Romans 13:1-7

Only God Will Do It

The only invading hordes, who are technically “strangers” in the Bible, are the unbelievers in Revelation. Believers are not commanded to acquiesce to these unbelieving hordes who are coming to wreak destruction on believers. When we endure to the end, having received the amazing gift of eternal life, then all nations, all the nationalists, democracies, theocracies, and others, will be seated around God’s throne, brought together as one diverse group!

After this I looked, and behold, a great multitude that no one could number, from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages, standing before the throne and before the Lamb, clothed in white robes, with palm branches in their hands. Revelation 7:9

See Mr. Beck, God is going to bring us back into one people in heaven—the city of God with one, big, high wall and twelve gates (Rev. 21:12).

But loosen that new, starched collar and get this clear in your head—God Himself will do it.

Not the globalists or the transnationalists (or whatever name they choose this week).

Not the Roman Catholic Church led by a mere man.

But God Himself will do it. God alone will do it! In fact, Christ has already done it. Already positionally and not yet physically.

The only thing that flies in the face of Christianity is daddy Beck’s crap.

Sarah Watching Francis de Sales Quote If Gods Mercy Is So Great

Slander Is Indeed Detached From Reality

And if that is not enough, Beck continues his proof texting dribble.

BECK: I think Pope Francis has said we do not build walls. Christians build bridges. You can’t call yourself a Christian if you build walls. After the resurrection of Christ, Paul writes to the Galatians, “there is no longer man or woman, Greek or Jew, slave nor free. All are one in Christ Jesus.” So all of those divisions we’ve tried to create with our racism and our xenophobia, Paul says that’s — can’t exist with Christ.

Oh my! Again, so wrong on so many levels. I’ll keep this part brief.

Beck “thinks” that socialist Pope Francis said “we do not build walls” He thinks? Nonetheless, socialist Francis is one to be talking about walls, since there is a huge wall around the Vatican.

Look at how Beck loves to mislead: “You can’t call yourself a Christian if you build walls.” We’re not talking about individual Christians building a wall. We are talking about a nation (see Romans 13 above) building a wall to secure its borders. A nation building walls for the sake of national and economic security. This in turn provides protection for the citizens of the country.

Listen Mr. Beck. So CNN gives you a small stipend for saying crap about Christianity and for slandering Christians. You live in Manhattan—probably in a building with a guard, locks, code access, etc., for your protection, security, and peace of mind? So maybe you don’t live out and about with these “sweet little 19-year old poor and horny vagrants” that you and Francis are so gung-ho over?

Do you know one of these angels sodomized a girl’s dog (an innocent animal!) and she had to put it to sleep? And although CNN does not report on them, do you keep up with the 2, 3, and 4 year old girls, the 12, 13, 14 year old girls, that are sexually abused and/or killed at the hands of your darling illegal angels? Have you read (or knelt down and prayed) for the thousands and thousands of victims of sex trafficking, pedophilia, murder, rape, robbery, drug abuse, victims, all courtesy of the sweet little illegals seeking a better life that you prop yourself up on CNN and slander Christians over?


You, who would deign call yourself a servant of Christ, someone who cares about the one who struggles, and is concerned over the suffering and exploitation of people, do you have any empathy?

Do you think the transnationalists will give the Catholic pope the “church reigns” when they take over the world economy? Are you that naive? They will not.

Globalists are anti-Christian. If a world government made of men ever erupts on this earth, every church will be shut down. Look at Europe for God’s sake! Do you  need more proof than that? The Catholic Church failed—bigly! Look at France! Look at Italy! Sweden! Germany! You’ve got a so-called pope who bends over backwards for Islamic refugees while remaining indifferent to the millions of Christians being murdered by these same pagans! Does Francis honestly believe that Jesus will say “Well done good and faithful servant”? (Oh Father God, give him eyes to see!)

More Blunder Debunking #6 And #7: Beck Even Muddles Galatians

And please, before you EVER quote another Scripture, Mr. Beck, look it up and read the context! Look at the Greek! Read a commentary or two or six, preferable one written in English, in this century, and venture out to some evangelical writers. God may soften your heart to learn something. (And I pray He does!)

Congratulations! You managed to muddle Galatians 3:26-29. That is difficult to do. But proof texting Scripture seems to be the specialty of “religion commentators.”

At the beginning of the letter to the Galatians, Paul writes “To the churches of Galatia…” (Galatians 1:2).

What does this tell you?  WHAT does this tell you? Who does Paul specifically address this letter to?

Paul is writing “to the churches in Galatia.”

Paul’s purpose in writing is to refute dubious Religion Commentators, Judaizers, who have infiltrated the churches in the Galatian province. False teachers are causing the new Christian believers to “doubt” the faith. The Judaizers are causing the shipwreck of people’s faith. Paul had proclaimed the Good New of Jesus Christ to these people, and they had believed! But now, religion commentators are making them doubt. (Oh woe to those Mr. Beck who shipwreck the faith of Jesus Christ in a single soul! Certainly you don’t want to swap a barely used starched collar for a millstone?)

for in Christ Jesus you are all sons of God, through faith. For as many of you as were baptized into Christ have put on Christ. There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. And if you are Christ’s, then you are Abraham’s offspring, heirs according to promise. Galatians 3:26-29

Edward! Do you see what this passage says? Paul writes to “the churches at Galatia.” Then he says, “for in Christ you are all sons of God, through faith.” “In”—two letters but so integral to understanding this verse. “In” this common bond—Jesus Christ—in this bond as fellow Christians, there are NO divisions.

Oh my God! He is not talking about just anybody. He is not talking about some Guatemalan 19-year old entering a country illegally for economic, criminal, or dubious asylum reasons. Paul is writing to equip and encourage the church! The Body of Christ! You know that thing that you purport to serve? He is writing to warn them of false teachers—just like you! (Oh My Jesus, have mercy on Edward’s soul!)

Is Edward Beck’s El Paso Slander of Christians A One-Off? Or A Pattern?

Sad to say—a pattern.

Back to the Rush transcript before my blood boils over. And oh yes, it is more Beckian dribble, nonsense, unbiblical teaching from the one and only brand-spanking-new-collar-for-a-stint-on-CNN-wearing Beck.

RUSH: Okay. Here we go back, January 22, 2019. Sorry. This is the CNN religion analyst, Father Edward Beck, who we just heard say that the very essence of Jesus is crossing borders, not nationalist, nationalism that says, “My country’s better than yours.” This… You know, that enrages me. To be that wrong — purposely that wrong, that misleading about something — and that there’s not a single person in journalism that can correct the guy.

There’s not a single person on CNN that can tell him he’s wrong about it! Anyway, January 22, 2019, Brianna Keilar was the infobabe, asking Edward Beck, Father Edward Beck about the confrontation between the Covington kids and the Native American out there at the March for Life. She said, “You said that they shouldn’t have allowed those boys to wear Make America Great Again hats on this field trip. They shouldn’t have been permitted to wear those hats. Tell us why you think that, Father.”

BECK: The students acted inappropriately. I was raised at a time when we were taught respect your elders. With regard [to] the hats, the hats that they were wearing — the so-called MAGA hats or “Make American [sic] Great Again” hats — come with a certain political agenda that, in my opinion, can be seen as anti-Catholic, anti-Christian —

RUSH: What!

BECK: — ’cause abortion is not the only pro-life issue. What about immigration and the migrants? What about capital punishment? What about the environment and climate change? And so by wearing that hat, it’s saying that you’re aligning yourself with a political agenda. The students had no right to be wearing that hat. Wear a school hat.

RUSH: Wait a second! Who in the world is this guy to be able to determine who has the right to wear any hat at all? They were on a field trip with their school! They were minding their own business! They were accosted by that Indian guy beating on his war drum. They didn’t attack anybody. To attach a political agenda? But who cares! You know, there’s not a person that’s gonna tell anybody in Black Lives Matter to stop wearing their T-shirts or caps. I mean, this guy’s gonna applaud Antifa’s rights to do whatever they do.

Catholic “Passionist So-Called” Edward Beck has the audacity, doesn’t he?

In January 2019, he slanders 16 and 17-year old Christian students. And Catholic students at that. Six months later, ole “Tie a millstone around his neck” Beck slanders all Christians who obey the God-instituted laws of our country by taking a stand against illegal immigration.

Slandering Christians when commentating on the El Paso shooter was not a one-time thing with Beck. Sad to say, it is a sinister pattern.

Is Beck A Paradigm Of Passionist Devotion To Christ?

The following is written on the Passionists of Holy Cross Province website:

…His cross reminds us that Christians must listen to the cries of the poor. We are in solidarity with those whom society may forget or even exploit. The cross is a sign of justice. To remind the world about the cross is to challenge the world for its injustice and neglect. Passionists are pledged to that challenge…

No people are as forgotten and exploited as America’s middle class, America’s impoverished inner cities, America’s homeless, including military veterans and those under the scourge of addiction and unbelief. Even the illegal aliens that leftist groups are paying and transporting to the U.S. are viciously exploited.

The homeless and poverty-level neighborhoods in America’s large Democrat-ruled and ruined cities should be taken care of (though of course, this requires getting rid of the corrupt Democrat leaders in these cities). These places are literally hell on earth. The billions that have been spent on the border and these caravans… don’t you think the destitute in America could have used that? Like thirty years ago right up until today?

The Democrats in Congress continually refuse to come to the table on smart immigration laws. In doing this, the Democrat Party, the mainstream media, and religion commentators such as Edward Beck, are condoning human trafficking, pedophilia, crime, drug and gun runners, and coyotes fleecing these people for every dime they have.

And most evil of all, the NGO’s transport people here and dump them off in a life much worse than the one they left in their own country—where God put them! Many turn to crime, many work a slave’s labor! If this is not exploitation, then what is?

And why do the Democrats, Edward Beck, mainstream media, and the NGO’s do it? Because they are compassionate?

No. They do it for power, for warm bodies and their votes. They are so hungry for power they will put human beings—who are made in the image of God—through, and in, any type of hell. And they do not care! Not one bit do they care for people or their struggles and suffering.

No doubt many Passionists illuminate the love and caring words written on the Passionists’ website—but, quite frankly, I see NONE of those qualities in what Edward Beck, the CNN religion commentator extraordinaire, is doing and supporting. Instead, he is participating in the activity of the evil one. (Holy Spirit, tell Beck that this is the only life he gets.)

Talk about building walls—what Christian—Catholic, Protestant, or Greek Orthodox—appears on an anti-Christian, failing cable news network and betrays Jesus and His followers?

At least the apex of disloyalty found in Judas Iscariot is not so inconceivable as long as we have CNN’s Edward Beck for a role model.

Sarah Watching John Climacus Quote What A Turnabout When The Decisive Moment Arrived
What a turnabout, indeed!

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