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Jesus And Collusion: Elitist Concern Or Desperation?

Sarah Watching Jesus and Collusion Elitist Concern or Desperation

Appointment Of A Special Counsel

The appointment of a special counsel came about when two witnesses accused Jesus of being a terrorist. They claimed to have overheard Jesus “plotting” to destroy the temple. And to rebuild it in 3 days—a big, beautiful temple. The council compelled many witnesses to testify regarding the terror threats, but none of their stories agreed.

Prior to convening the council, opposition research had been purchased from an informant within the Jesus organization. But the investigatory agents never questioned this source about the temple crusade charges. Aside from this transaction, the temple establishment never interrogated any of those closest to Jesus about the allegations levied toward the sacred site.  Nonetheless, they gladly received the Iscariot dossier. This document provided grounds to apprehend the outsider who dared usurp the power of the Jewish Temple Complex.

After arresting Jesus using the unlawfully obtained surveillance, the special prosecutor, getting nowhere on cross-examination, cried out “…tell us if you are the Christ, the Son of God!” (Matt. 26:63). Jesus replied “you have said so.” And the council slapped Him with the process crime of blasphemy.

At least, on the surface, this was the reason given to Judean citizens and Roman rulers for the capital offense indictment used as justification for Jesus’ crucifixion.

The Witch Hunt

In reality, the Temple Industrial Complex—scribes, chief priests, leading men, Pharisees and Sadducees—had been trying to arrest Jesus long before any accusations had been made against Him. The witch hunt emanated from the establishment’s fear that a populist uprising would cost them their own power—pride, pomp, and economic circumstance.

However, their conflict with Jesus ran much deeper.

By claiming unparalleled authority to speak and act on God’s behalf, Jesus challenged the right of the Temple elite to rule in God’s name. This caused the establishment to become veritably unhinged. The vulnerability of their power lay in the volatility of the Jesus situation—even unseeing eyes saw that Christ had struck a nerve in the hearts of the people. Moreover, both Galileans and Judeans—regarded by the elitists as irredeemable—believed Him to be the promised Son of David, or at most a person sent by God.

arah Watching Matthew 7 15-20
So for some time precipitating the arrest of Jesus, the Jewish Temple state had used deceit and underhanded methods to develop a conspiracy against Jesus—one that the low information folks in flyover country couldn’t grasp, and likewise couldn’t deny.

The statists frequently held secret meetings in the office of top officials—the place designated to do the work of God—to plot and plan Jesus’ demise. Their end game consisted of slanderously painting Jesus as a lawbreaker, while they themselves neglected the Mosaic constitution regarding justice and fair trials. (Jesus didn’t call them hypocrites for nothing.)

And while the deep state plotted, provocateurs of the establishment disinformation campaign, the chief priests and the Pharisaic Party, continuously sneered at and maligned every Word that proceeded from His mouth. These mainstream media types even had the audacity to smear His Name by leaking their own lies about Him, dubbed “from anonymous sources.”

By claiming unparalleled authority to speak and act on God’s behalf, Jesus challenged the right of the Temple elite to rule in God’s name.

The Big Temple elites even sent undercover operatives—lawyers (people who use laws to protect criminals) and scribes (1st century journalists who write what the Temple elite tell them to write)—to entrap Jesus into saying something for which He could be arrested.

To put it bluntly, the elitists were looking for an insurance policy. Like when you buy life insurance at 40 years old, and hope you don’t have to use it? (Jesus could have used it, but that’s getting ahead.) They had to find some way to delegitimize this Nazarene in order to put Him away—for good.

Deplorables vs. Elitists

Sarah Watching Jesus and Collusion Elitist Disdain
Elitists are disgusted by deplorables.

But putting Jesus away would not be easy. Why? Because the God-loving, gun-and-religion-clinging, constitutional purists were fed up with the status quo. They were sick and tired of out-of-touch Judean leadership demagoguery—those who belittled the working man’s prayers, forced people to listen to their long-winded hypocrisy, sat at the head of tables whether asked to or not, disrespected and dishonored their parents’ and their generation, and played identity politics when fasting, to name only a few of their contemptible and ungodly ways—which the elitists considered progressive.

Indeed, the Temple state discovered real quick that getting rid of Jesus would take a miracle. (After all, He is Jesus.) Nevertheless, the priestly aristocracy fought hard. They accused Him of healing on the Sabbath, having no experience in their line of business, not paying His taxes, even being a glutton.

Yet Jesus’ celebrity, and the hope of the middle-class deplorables, increased more and more every day. The power elites finally conceded the failure of their current pursuits to impugn this man who healed the sick and raised the dead—leading to a new ploy. They conspired to trip Him up with questions based on Pharisaic ideology. In their smugness, they believed Jesus could be tripped up on their camel-and-gnat policies.

The vulnerability of their power lay in the volatility of the Jesus situation—even unseeing eyes saw that Christ had struck a nerve in the hearts of the irredeemable.

They questioned Him about divorce, the legality of paying taxes to Caesar, His opinion of the greatest commandments, how to determine welfare recipients for an elitist-in-the-know, the authority used to shut down the temple extortion ring, and many other things.

The Deep State’s Harebrained Scheme

But of all the ridiculous tactics that the cabal had attempted thus far, the most harebrained scheme of all was yet to come.

Sarah Watching Jesus Heals A Paralytic
“Rise and walk!”

It all started on a completely normal day when Jesus forgave the sins of a paralytic. Listening to Him with contempt and expressing fake moral outrage, a couple of scribes (the ones who write what they are told) were already making mental notes for their next fake news article.

But the Son of God called them out on it. “For which is easier, to say, ‘Your sins are forgiven,’ or to say, ‘Rise and walk’?  But that you may know that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins”- he then said to the paralytic- “Rise, pick up your bed and go home.” Matthew 9:5-6

Scripture then says the paralytic (considered totally irredeemable by the elite) stood up, picked up his bed, and walked home (!).

And what was the reaction of the lower and middle class rabble? First, they were afraid. They had never witnessed anyone with authority do anything for a paralytic—though the elitists had handed out a healthcare subsidy once, a fraction of what they handed out to the healthcare company, who in turn handed some back to the elitists—all funded courtesy of fleecing the lower and middle class sheep of Israel.

But then, after their fear subsided, the uncouth rank and file citizens yelled and clapped and praised and did all kinds of contemptible things, glorifying God Who had given such power and authority to this man Jesus.

Though not corroborated by Scripture, tradition holds that the crowd could be heard for miles chanting:

“Rise and walk!”

“Rise and walk!”

“Rise and walk!”

Maybe that was really the reverberation of Jesus’ voice against the stone cold faces of the scribes (how would they spin this?).

After the scribes (who secretly had “rise and walk! rise and walk!” stuck in their minds) reported these things, the governing elites were outraged. “Only God has the authority to forgive sin!” (Never mind that some paralytic can now walk and no longer needs their paltry healthcare subsidy.) “And God only forgives sin when the appropriate tax is offered to Him via the Jewish Temple state” of which the priests receive their cut. (Some priests were elitists, though some were truly good and God-fearing men. See Malachi 1-2 and John 3.)

“Rise and walk!”

“Rise and walk!”

“Rise and walk!”

It seems the spiritual overseers of people’s souls would be ecstatic that the paralytics buy Nikes, the deaf attend operas, and the blind take up birdwatching. Off welfare. Off the streets. Off to work. Money in their pockets. But no. The elitists became even more unhinged. “How dare these low-class adherents be released from the scourge of victim identity?” “How will the establishment keep them under the entitlement charm?” “Who will be our permanent underclass?”

So around this time, the elitists turned to Jesus’ most frequent miracle—the casting out of demons. Jesus’ exorcisms were understood as the exercise of authority over the powers of evil—be they satanic, Roman, Soros-funded, or an elitist by any other name.

And here finally is their most harebrained accusation of all.

The scribes could only explain Jesus’ authority over the spiritual forces of evil by accusing Jesus of colluding with Satan.

Yes, colluding with Satan. They actually imputed Jesus’ power to cast out demons to collusion with those same powers(!).


Sarah Watching Elities Accuse Jesus of Beelzebullian Collusion

Beelzebullian Collusion!?

Let me get this right.  Jesus Christ the Son of God colluding with Beelzebul?

Were they insane?

Then a demon-oppressed man who was blind and mute [irredeemable] was brought to him, and he healed him, so that the man spoke and saw.  23 And all the people [deplorables] were amazed [the uneducated love religion], and said, “Can this be the Son of David?” [the lowlifes don’t really understand the situation with Israel]  24 But when the Pharisees [elitists] heard it, they said, “It is only by Beelzebul, the prince of demons, that this man casts out demons [collusion conspiracy theory].” Matthew 12:22-24

And so the collusion conspiracy theory begins.

Without a shred of evidence (or apparently dignity), the highbrows posit their most preposterous postulation yet—

Jesus Christ, the Lord and Savior of all the earth, colluding with Satan!

It’s laughable. Absurd. Totally illogical.

Were the elites truly concerned about this man’s effect on the nation?


The elites were truly desperate.


Because when elitist power is threatened, they will stop at nothing to maintain their nasty and tight-fisted little grip on power and control. And when their ridiculous, multitudinous attempts fail, then comes full, head-on, unhinged desperation.

Nothing New Under the Sun

Accusations of collusion with an enemy is an age old trick in Satan Alinsky’s rules for radicals. “Determine the audience’s worst enemy or a person in history evoking great fear…” The Pharisees could have used the Romans, after all they despised them. Though the Roman Empire brilliantly branded their iron fist rule as “maintaining peace” (Satan trains everybody) they weren’t evil enough—after all they used courts and laws to try citizens. So the elitists go for the jugular—they concoct a collusion scam between Jesus and Satan.

The elitists contrived the scam primarily for confusing the uneducated riffraff—who can’t think for themselves, thus the self-appointment by the priestly aristocracy to think for them.

However, unknown to the council, the cretinous morons weren’t really moronic (or cretins) at all. They worked for a living. They raised their kids. They talked and laughed over dinner. They attended church. They understood life and the things that really matter. Jesus had brought light into their lives. They were woke for God’s sake—literally. The religious establishment snubbed their noses at all of this, though it’s probable they yearned for the same things.

The working class—from tax collectors to prostitutes—knew that Jesus was different. Maybe they did not understand who He was from a theological point of view, but they knew He was representative of them. Certainly more than those in the higher echelons of government, and not coincidentally, economic class. This extraordinary man spoke to their concerns, desires, and especially to their hopes for the future.

And the elitists ssssssseethed.

They hated His popularity. They hated His miracles. They hated His wisdom. They hated His knowledge of Scripture. They hated the threat of losing power and control. They hated Him.

Back To The Special Counsel

Sarah Watching Fake News Coming At You
And all of this occurred long before the Special Counsel was ever appointed, and long before Jesus was charged with any crime. False witnesses, fake accusations, fake news, fake dossiers—they tried it all.

As each of the absurd accusations proved to be lies, the council finally nabbed Him with a process crime. Though they accused Jesus of blaspheming God, it was their egos that had been assaulted.

When Pontius Pilate said that he believed Jesus to be innocent, the deep state organized a march. They protested before Pilate (who they needed because of his power to convict and execute). The elitists hired protesters to act unruly, fling dust, destroy property, burn buildings, throw trash cans through windows, push the narrative, and mostly to make the protest appear organic and widely supported.

Eventually the establishment and the paid protesters stirred up the Roman authorities enough to convince Pilate to have Jesus crucified. After all, the high-and-mighty couldn’t kill Him. It was almost Passover for God’s sake! How would that look? And God forbid they become unclean and unable to worship because of being near a dead body. Not to mention, more Jesus freaks would be filling Jerusalem for Passover, creating a volatile environment for a populist backlash.

Elitist Clinging

King Solomon said “There is nothing new under the sun” (Eccl. 1:9).

Certainly from Jesus’ time until now, this truth has been proven at many times and in many ways.

Regardless of the century or continent, when the elite have their power and authority threatened, they will stop at nothing to put an end to whatever or whoever dares to usurp that power. The political establishment complex doesn’t care about doing what is best for the citizens of a nation, whether it is Israel or the United States of America.

Sarah Watching RIP Journalism
Journalism is reporting the facts.

Elitists only care about themselves. With Soros, Big Tech, and Wall Street money to burn, they promote narratives that slander and censure people who think differently, while painting themselves as bastions of mercy for the marginalized du jour.

They fabricate false charges. They pay people to fabricate false charges. They pay people to report—under the guise of journalism—false charges. They have no dignity. No integrity. No redeemed soul.

Why? It’s the lure of power and control. Money is often a contributing factor as well. Granted not all rich people have an insatiable desire for power and control. But elitists do. On the other hand, some people, whether nouveau riche or old money, have an undeniable bloodthirst for power and control.

There really is Nothing. New. Under. The. Sun.

A Man Sent By God

Please don’t get the self-satisfied idea that this article is equating President Trump with Jesus.

It is not.

President Trump is certainly no Jesus—but who is?

Certainly not me.

And certainly not you.

And certainly not the elites of the world.

They don’t even like Jesus. And they are totally intolerant of Christians.

Sarah Watching 1 Samuel 16 7
Let’s get something straight. No one knows President Trump’s heart and relationship with Jesus Christ except God alone. Some “Christians” (yes, quotes) actually speculate about Donald Trump’s heart. It was a sad day in the Kingdom when a popular Christian magazine did this very thing publicly.

For a sincere Christian, it is enough that God knows what is in Donald Trump’s heart. It is not a Christian’s job to know, speculate, or make up what they think is there.

Sarah Watching 1 Corinthians 2 11-12

  • Not the pope,
  • not a cardinal,
  • not a preacher,
  • not the editor of Christianity Today,
  • not a Sunday school teacher,
  • not a D.C. liaison to a denomination,
  • not a radio host,
  • nobody.

Can any of these people drink the cup that Jesus drank? Has anyone been baptized in any of these all-have-sinned-and-fall-short-of-the-glory-of-God names?

Message To American Christian Voters

Regardless of how you feel about the President, a lot of Christians (81% of voting Christians) believe President Trump shares one overarching commonality with Christ Jesus—a man sent by God.

America sat at the brink of destruction. Eight years of unparalleled demonic forces sought to destroy America putting us in a dubious position. How can the claim be made that demonic forces did this? Name one other powerful country in the world with such a large Christian presence. Or do you honestly believe that Satan is actively trying to fundamentally transform and change Iran? Or Pakistan? Or Yemen? The ancient serpent has those countries on cruise control.

Sarah Watching 1 John 3 10
Soros-funded groups-directed by George Soros-paid an estimated 5 Billion dollars to get Barack Obama elected. Prior to becoming the 44th President, he had been a community (as in communist) organizer and a 2-year Junior Senator from Illinois (another purchased election). Not the most impressive resume for a leader of the free world. And Obama obeyed.

The 44th presidential administration sought to rob this country—of its wealth, of its constitutional rights, of its identity, of its health, of its dignity, of its soul. Religious freedom was encroached on endlessly to name only one area that Hussein O tried to destroy. (It’s all in the record, this is not judgment, it is fact.)

And the siren song of Satan, the mainstream media, hid these injustices from the American people. “They couldn’t do that!” you may object. Many Germans didn’t know Satan was burning Jews either, because it was kept out of the mainstream media—Hitler’s orders. Like Hitler, Obama weaponized intelligence agencies against journalists who dared tell the truth or paint him in a less than stellar light (which was not hard).

A Strong America Because Of Christ And For Christ

Christians cannot be defeated. The Word will never pass away. The gates of hell will not prevail against the church. But make no mistake. If America goes down, so does Christian evangelism, support, and missionary outreach from America—at least for a time (Study Germany from 1930-1945) .And more significantly, and desperately needed, will be those same Christian graces lacking within America.

Go!” Jesus said, “and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age” (Matthew 28:19-20). Nothing in the Great Commission mentions playing partisan politics or looking down self-righteous noses while judging the leader of this nation.

From all appearances it seems our 45th President is going through many of the same sufferings that Jesus did. In fact, the sufferings of many Christians—rejection, marginalization, persecution, slander, libel, etc. The pressure must be unbearable. Surely God hears the prayers lifted up on Trump’s behalf by the many deplorable Jesus freaks that support what he is doing for America.

How could any sincere Christian be a participant in causing, contributing to, and/or applauding these sufferings?

Didn’t Jesus Himself die for Donald Trump too?

Moreover, for those same “Christians” who set themselves on the judgment seat of Christ and demean Christians who voted for Trump—really? If you truly believe that about other believers, why aren’t you praying for your fellow brothers and sisters? After the people really committing wrongdoing, the godly man Samuel said to the people “Moreover, as for me, far be it from me that I should sin against the LORD by ceasing to pray for you” (1 Sam. 12:23). Aren’t you putting yourself in the same position as you place 81% of your fellow voting Christians? Sinning against the LORD?

Satan’s Sycophantic Infestations 

Sometimes people say, “Here is something new!” But actually it is old; nothing is ever truly new.” Ecclesiastes 1:10, NLT

Since the Creation of the world, one thing is certain: elitists don’t like outsiders coming into their political territory and making things better for the “less-thans.” Like the serpent in the Garden, these arrogant deep statists (Democrats, liberals, socialists, and communists) must put an end to any such attempt. So they demonize their opponents as enemies of progress, social justice, and minority rights.

  • Jesus colluded with Beelzebul.       – Trump colluded with Russians.
  • Jesus eats with sinners.                  – Trump defends deplorables.
  • Jesus wants to destroy the temple. – Trump wants to take America back to slavery

Lie after lie.

The same demonic forces that have tried to destroy this democracy are still trying to prevent it from succeeding today. Satan always manifests himself to fit the situation. And would he love to shut down American evangelism, monetary support abroad, and missionary outreach or what? Would he love to destroy Israel’s most powerful ally or what? And doesn’t he love the persecution of Christians and Jews in the Middle East and Europe by his own crude and ruthless minions?

The D.C. establishment, the deep state, the coastal elites, the mainstream media, the rich and previously very powerful are outraged. Trump is destroying piece by piece the progressive, open-borders, socialist path followed by the last 4 traitorous presidencies.

And these same globalist, progressive, far-left elitists will do anything to hold on to power. Even corrupting, decaying, and rotting the highest government agencies, including the executive office, in order to conceive the most ridiculous and treasonous scam in the history of American politics. The likes of which reads like an entry in an amateur novel writing contest.

These people aren’t worried about Russian influence in our elections. If they had truly been concerned, or if there was an overarching reason to be concerned, wouldn’t Barry Hussein and his top-notch intelligence officials, Bozo Comey, Muhammad Brennan, and Pathological Liar Clapper, have done something about it in 2014 or 2016 or earlier.

Are they that inept?

Don’t be unaware of their schemes. Even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light (2 Cor. 11:14) so of course, deep state operatives disguise themselves as patriotic government officials who care about the rule of law.

In spite of all the establishment’s contriving, President Trump now has unparalleled power awarded him by a voting republic. The United States is emerging strong from the dark cloud of the horrific twenty-eight years of establishment elitist administrations. But the lion continues prowling. And the dragon rages on.

Sarah Watching 1 Corinthians 1 2 7-8

Reality Check

The elitists are NOT concerned about this nation. And they certainly are not concerned with the people who make this nation work.

They will throw away all dignity, break any rule, ignore the privacy of citizens, buy false information, start wars, lie, give billions to a radical Islamic country for their nuclear program, or set out a fake narrative on a level that would make Hitler proud.

Elitists will do anything to hold on to their perceived power and control.


1st century temple elitists did the most atrocious act in human history to clinch their perceived power.

They crucified God.

Though the death of Jesus was the most crucial part of God’s plan of redemption, the instigators were never commended.

Don’t you see who was really colluding with Beelzebul?

The entire Russian collusion hoax is an attempt by the Obama Administration to cover up the fact that they illegally spied on an opposition candidate during a Presidential Campaign. It represents the Deep State’s embarrassing, pathetic, disturbing and disgusting attempt to hold on to perceived power and control.

If only they could acknowledge Who is all-powerful and always in control.

Whether it’s a witch hunt against Jesus by the Judean Temple state or a witch hunt against Donald Trump by the Establishment deep state—

Elitists will do anything to hold on to their perceived power.

The elitists aren’t concerned for their nation.

The elitists are desperate.

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