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Erudite Virgil Has Outdone Himself

Virgil: The McCain Funeral Marked the End of an Era for the Globalist War Party

Sarah Watching McCain Funeral Death of Globalist War Party

Two Funerals In One

A keepsake from Breitbart’s Virgil – “The McCain Funeral Marked the End of an Era for the Globalist War Party.” Profound observations and remarkable analysis. Someone who totally gets the globalists. The erudite Virgil may have just outdone himself…

A must read for all who long to see the annihilation of the globalist cabal. – SW

From Breitbart’s Virgil:

Perhaps the most revealing moment in the week-long media extravaganza over John McCain’s death came on September 1, when Meghan McCain, daughter of the late senator, chose to use her “eulogy” to rip into Donald Trump. 

Here’s how The Washington Post set the scene: 

Trump was absent and his name never invoked, but the entire service was animated by a sustained rebellion against the president’s worldview and his singular brand of politics.

“We gather here to mourn the passing of American greatness,” she said, gritting her teeth through the tears. “The real thing, not cheap rhetoric from men who will never come near the sacrifice he gave so willingly, nor the opportunistic appropriation of those who lived lives of comfort and privilege while he suffered and served.”

Okay, we get it: Ms. McCain hates Trump so much that she has to grit her teeth when she talks about him.  Trump and his supporters already knew that, of course. And as an aside, we might note that the good news is that in making her hatred so evident, Ms. McCain surely kiboshed any chance that Arizona Governor Doug Ducey would appoint her to fill her father’s senate seat, as some—even some who bill themselves as conservative—have suggested.

Read the entire article here.


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